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Excel is a very widely used office software, without it, you will not be able to pass a single day if you work in the admin area or work as a financial analyst, in the marketing area, etc. We have designed our blog in such a way that you can be a pro in Excel whatever the level you’re now.

If you’re a very new Excel user and want to be an expert in Excel, you can follow the following guideline.

# Online Excel Training

Nowadays, it is far far easier to learn Excel from an online course. Keeping this in mind, I have designed several basic Excel courses for you. You will get the courses at Udemy. Some courses are free but most of the courses are paid. My courses have got good ratings from the users who have enrolled in the courses. Here is the list of the courses:

A. Excel Courses at Udemy Run by ExcelDemy

We have made several Excel courses that are hosted at Udemy. Here is the list of the training I provide to make you an Excel expert:

1) Advanced Excel 2013 Training + Build a Pro Excel Template

Excel Training

This MS Advanced Excel 2013 training course will teach you basic & advanced Excel online with a project & certification.

2) Excel 2016 Pivot Tables: Create Basic Pivot Tables in Excel (Free Course)

excel pivot table free training

Pivot Tables in Excel 2016. Learn to create basic Pivot Tables in Excel 2016 with real-life examples.

3) Excel Pivot Tables with Excel 2016: From Basic to PowerPivot

excel pivot table training

Learn Excel Pivot Tables with Excel 2016 from Scratch to Advanced Level with an introduction to Power Pivot & DAX Language.

4) Excel Power Map: A Power BI Tool for Reporting Professionals

excel power map training

Learn Excel Power Map, a 3-D data visualization tool to look at the information in a new way that you can’t see with 2-D charts.

5) Data Analysis Excel for Beginners: Statistical Data Analysis

data analysis with excel training

Data Analysis with Excel 2013 for Beginners. Business Data Analysis. Statistical Data Analysis with Case Studies.

B. Free Excel courses

I have listed 40+ free Excel courses for your use. You will get the list here.

C. Top Online Excel Courses

Here you will get the top 15 Best Online Excel Training Courses. I have curated this list of courses very carefully.

D. Excel Dashboard Courses

If you want to make stunning dashboards with Excel, here are two courses for you: 2 Advanced Excel Dashboard Training Courses.

# Learn Excel with Books

If you’re a book lover like me, you can choose this book for learning Excel. This is the book (I started with Excel 2013 version) that made me an Excel lover. These books are so easy to understand.

Here you will get the list of books that I highly recommend to learn Excel: 78+ Best Excel Training Books to Learn Excel. I made this list carefully so that whatever level of Excel expertise you have or whatever level of Excel skills you want to achieve, you can find a book for you.

Advanced Excel Exercises with Solutions PDF