Comments in Excel (Insert, Copy, Format, Hide, Delete & Print)

In this article, we are going to explore how we can insert, copy, hide, format, and delete a comment. Moreover, we will see how we can insert a picture into the comments in Excel.

Comments in Excel are a useful feature that lets you add extra information to cells in your spreadsheet. They are like little notes attached to specific cells, allowing you to provide explanations, reminders, or details about the data. With comments, you can enhance the clarity and understanding of your Excel worksheets, whether you’re working on your own or collaborating with others. By using comments, you can make your spreadsheets more informative and easier to work with, helping you get the most out of your Excel experience.

Picture comment

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How to Insert/Add Comments in Excel

1. Insert Comment from Review Ribbon

  • Here we have added a comment in the G5 cell from the Review So here are the steps:
  • Select the G5
  • Choose the Review
  • And then select New Comment.
  • Write a comment.
  • Press the arrow sign to have comments in the G5.


2. Apply Keyboard Shortcut

  • After selecting the G6 cell, press Shift + F2, and the comment window will appear.
  • Then write the necessary comment.


3. Use Context Menu

  • Select the G7 cell and right-click on it.
  • Choose New Comment from the Context Menu to add a comment.

Using Context menu to comment

  • Now, you have to add a comment and select the arrow sign.

Adding comment with context menu

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How to Insert Picture into Comment

  • First, you have to select cell G6 and press Shift + F2 to add a note.
  • Right-click on the border of the note and select Format Comment option from Context Menu.

Selecting Format comment from Context menu

  • Then select Color and Lines and use the dropdown list from
  • Now, you need to select Fill Effects…

Adding Fill effect

  • Then, select Picture from the Fill Effects.
  • Now select the Select Picture… option.

Inserting Picture

  • Insert a picture from any source you want.

Insert picture window

  • Finally, we added a picture.

Picture comment

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How to Format Excel Comments

  • First, select the G7 cell and press Shift + F2.
  • After the note window appears, write the comment and add the fonts you want. Here, we have used the format Bold for the selected comment.

How to Copy Excel Comments

  • First, you have to select the cell containing comments and copy it using Ctrl + C.
  • Select the cell you want to paste the comment and right-click on it and choose Paste Special… and then again select Paste Special… from the bottom of the drop-down list.

Selecting paste special

  • Check the Comments and Notes option and press OK.

Copying Comments

  • Finally, we get the copied comment.

Copied Comments

How to Hide Comments in Excel

  • By pressing Alt + V and then C, you can hide or unhide comments. Remember, do not press simultaneously. First Alt, then V, then C.

Hide unhide comment

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How to Delete Comments

  • Press Shift + F10 + M to delete comments in any cell. Here we deleted the comment from the G5 cell.

Deleting Comment

  • For deleting notes, right-click on the cell containing notes and select the Delete Note option from the Context Menu.

Deleting note

How to Print Excel Comments

  • Press Alt, P, S, and P one after another, then the Page Setup window will appear, and then select Sheet.
  • Now choose any option you want from the drop-down list from Comments and notes.
  • Then click on Print.

Printing comment

  • Then choose Print to print comments.

Printing comments

Comments vs Notes

  • In the 90s, Excel had a feature named “Note”. Though it was renamed as “Comment” in the 97 version, now it is called “Note” in Office 365. On the other hand, Microsoft has introduced a dynamic and collaborative way to add comments, which is “Threaded Comments”.
  • Comments have a reply box, and Notes do not have a reply box. So, the conversation is not possible in Notes. Basically, notes are used to add information.
  • It’s not possible to resize comments, but you can resize notes.

Things to Remember

  • Use comments according to respective calculations. Use comments vividly so anyone can understand what is happening to the cell.
  • To see comments, you have to put the cursor on the cell.
  • Choose readable and noticeable formatting in comments.
  • Another important thing is that when we say “Excel comments”, we mean “Threaded comments”.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Threaded Comments?

Threaded comments allow the readers to reply to a comment, thus allowing better conversation with the person who has written the comment. In the new version of Excel, comments are threaded comments, and notes are comments from the previous versions of Excel. Notes don’t have the feature of replying to comments, but threaded comments do.

2. Can I move a comment to a different location in Excel?

Yes, you can move a comment to a different location in Excel. Click and drag the comment box to the desired position within the worksheet. This allows you to relocate the comment to a different cell or adjust its placement.

3. Can I use comments in Excel for collaboration and communication?

Yes, comments are a useful tool for collaboration and communication in Excel. You can exchange information, provide feedback, ask questions, or add notes to cells that others can view and respond to. Comments facilitate effective collaboration within a shared Excel file.


In conclusion, comments in Excel provide a practical means of adding supplementary information to cells. These text boxes enhance understanding, facilitate communication, and support collaboration within Excel. Whether it’s explaining formulas, sharing data sources, or leaving annotations, comments offer a valuable tool for improving the usability and effectiveness of spreadsheets.

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