List of Services ExcelDemy Provides

ExcelDemy started it’s journey from 2013 and published 7000+ articles to solve user problems related to Excel. Now, our Excel experts are ready to help you with all types of customized requirements of Microsoft Excel.

Optimize Functions & Formulas​

Dynamic formulas will help you to do any complex mathematical operations on your data.

Data Visualization (Dynamic Charts)

We will use charts, graphs, and other visual elements to make your data easy to read at a glance.

Excel Templates (HR, Finance, Accounting)​

It will help you to interact and explore data in real-time to analyze the key performance indicators (KPIs). We offer Interactive Dashboard.


VBA & Macros

Automate your Excel tasks and get customized solutions.

Finance Calculator

We offer calculator to calculate amortization, loan, mortgage, EMI and interest withing a click.

Accounting Systems

Create your own balance sheet and track your all transactions

Inventory Management System

It’ll keep track of your products, will help to manage stock levels, and monitor sales of your business.

Visual Improvements

Make your Excel workbooks well-designed, user-friendly, presentable and effective for communication.

Remove Duplicates

Ensure data integrity and accuracy by identifying and removing duplicate or redundant entries.

Format Data to Organize

Organized data is easier to work and understand which will help you to manage your data for reporting.

Pivot Table & Pivot Chart

Summarize, analyze, manipulate, and present large data sets in a more organized format. A Pivot Chart will help you to visualize the summarized data.

Power Query & Power Pivot

Create your data models from large datasets to transform, share and analyze.

Data Import & Export

Import and export your data from and to external sources and other applications.

Fix Errors

We will help you to identify and fix your errors in the Excel file.

Recover Corrupted Files

Successfully recover your corrupt file.

Google Sheets & App Script

We will help you to personalize your sheet to manage and store your records using functions and App script.

Anything Else?

If you need Excel help not mentioned here feel free to reach out to us. We will cover all areas of Excel.

Work Process

Step-1: Describe Your Task

First you need to share your detail requirements of your task. Then, we will go through it and will assign it to an Excel expert.

Step-2: We'll Confirm Task Size

Once we have full understanding of your task we'll let you know the cost to complete it. If any questions arise, we'll immediately communicate them to you.

Step-3: Complete Payment, then Wait For Delivery

Once you approve our quote and we receive your payment, we'll start our work promptly.

Step-4: Review & Accept

Completed task will be delivered to you. Please review your task and let us know if you have any feedback.

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