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ExcelDemy Learn Excel & Excel Solutions Center is a privately held project of SOFTEKO that was established in 2013 by Kawser Ahmed (EEE, BUET). SOFTEKO is a renowned Information Technology and Digital Media Company in Bangladesh focusing on SaaS-based software products and digital content creation. ExcelDemy was created to serve the wide community of Excel users from students to Excel professionals to businesses that use Excel in their day-to-day work.

The first Excel article in ExcelDemy was published in 2013 by Kawser Ahmed. After that, he has published more than 334 articles in ExcelDemy. Kawser Ahmed is a prominent Excel Course Instructor on the Udemy platform with 8 Excel Courses with a total of 44 hours of course duration in Excel topics like Excel Functions and Formulas, Excel Pivot Tables, Data Analysis with Excel, Excel Charts, Excel Power Maps, etc. In Kawser Ahmed’s Excel courses, there are a total of 165,125 students from all over the world with 6071 reviews and with average instructor rating of 4.3 (as of date 19th Nov 2023). His course “Excel Formulas and Functions: Make Basic & Advanced Formulas” was selected for Udemy Business and is still used by business professionals from all over the world.

Kawser Ahmed is also a notable Technical Analysis Trainer in his country. He has been running online Technical Analysis Courses in collaboration with AmarStock.com and he is an enlisted Technical Analysis Trainer in the Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd. Kawser Ahmed’s expertise areas are Excel, Data Analysis with Excel, Finance, Financial Modelling and Coding.

From 2019 and so on, under the supervision of Kawser Ahmed, the ExcelDemy project now has multiple divisions:

With our writing division, we provide free Excel tutorials for Excel users in various Excel topics like:

  • Excel Basics
  • Excel Functions and Formulas
  • Excel Charts
  • Advanced Excel Topics
  • Excel Templates
  • Data Analysis with Excel
  • Excel for Finance
  • Macros and Excel VBA
  • Excel Pivot Tables
  • Excel Power Query
  • Excel Solver
  • Excel Power BI
  • Excel for Accountants

With the Excel Forum division, we provide free Individual Excel support to the Excel Users.

With our Excel Services Division, we provide on-demand Excel Consultancy Services with Excel Formulas, Templates, and VBA Projects. We provide services in two ways: based on projects (pay per project); and for organization, we have a subscription-based model where Enterprises pay us based on per hour.

Our creative department provides video-based Excel tutorials on our YouTube channel; right now we have 206 videos for Excel users who love visuals more than text.

With our Excel Business Solutions Team, we make free and premium Excel templates for accountants, finance analysts, and day-to-day Business Tools like inventory management systems, HR systems, etc.

Our recommendation department recommends Excel Books, Excel training, and software tools for our readers. We only recommend books, Excel training, and software tools that are the best in the industry or we have used those training or books by ourselves. All these recommendations are done following the industry standard Editorial process.

All our Excel divisions are run by Excel experts who are Engineers and architects and have BBA and MBA graduates from the best universities in Bangladesh and other countries.

What is the Mission of ExcelDemy?

The mission of ExcelDemy is to help its readers to better use Excel in their day-to-day work, provide them free Excel help with the forum, guide them in learning Excel through books and online training courses, and offer premium Excel services with their projects.

To accomplish this mission, ExcelDemy is creating a lot of articles, and visual content, and providing free help via forums, comments, and email.

Who are the Authors of ExcelDemy?

ExcelDemy has over 85 Excel experts working in our different divisions. Our experts come from many specialties and fields of study. Some of them are:

How does ExcelDemy Factcheck the Article Information?

The ExcelDemy Excel expert team uses Excel by themselves, generates possible user problems, solves those Excel problems, and makes documents on the problems. After an author makes a document on an Excel problem, a senior Excel and industry expert checks out all the information provided in the document word by word. Our team also reads the official documents of Excel and gets new insights from those sources, cross-checks our existing Excel solutions, and updates them while new technology comes.

What are the Usage Terms of ExcelDemy?

With a focus on providing solutions to all types of Excel problems, we fully encourage our readers to use our content for free for personal use. All our information is free to use by our readers, users, and viewers. If anyone wants to use our content, our images, our information, and our data to their sites, or for any commercial uses, they must give us full credit using a link to our source. Without giving any followable credit, you cannot use our content, information, data, or images for commercial purposes. We strongly suggest that you link to the source page of ExcelDemy, if you use any content of ExcelDemy for commercial purposes.

All our articles are copyrighted and they belong to ExcelDemy and SOFTEKO.

What is the Privacy Policy of ExcelDemy?

ExcelDemy is fully aware and emphasizes highly protecting the integrity and privacy of the data our readers provide us using our blogs, services, comments, and forums, and sending us emails. We only collect data via email signups, forums, registration to our blogs, comments, purchases, and personal contacts. Additionally, we don’t collect individual user information, and we don’t disclose any user’s personal information to any third-party data collectors. We also don’t use cookies or track anyone’s personal information unless stated clearly at the stage of collection. We respect the privacy of all the browsers. The privacy policy of ExcelDemy is subject to change when necessary and can be found on our dedicated Privacy Policy page.

What is the Content Integrity of ExcelDemy?

Content integrity is the process of assuring the accuracy of the information that we publish in our content, videos, forums, and comments. We only share content when they are audited and checked by our reviewers who are industry experts.

We are aware of providing misleading information to our readers. We don’t recommend any physical products, online training courses, or even any software applications without using by ourselves.

How is the ExcelDemy Editorial Process?

ExcelDemy maintains a multi-tiered management approach to make accurate information for the readers and Excel users. Earning the trust of the Excel community is our first priority. This is why we always check our old content and if necessary we update the content based on the reviews from the users or provide new solutions based on new technology. ExcelDemy content production is maintained based on journalism standards.

We try our best to write the most accurate and really useful articles for our readers. Our Editorial team and our writers are highly experts. They do in-depth research before writing on a topic. If we review software, we confirm that we tested it personally, and then we recommend it to our readers based on our experiences with the software. But if you find anything problem with our solutions, you can always reach us at [email protected] and we will fix it.

At ExcelDemy, we strictly follow journalism ethics. These are the ethics we do follow in ExcelDemy:

  • We never accept money as an incentive to write an article
  • We never recommend a product to our readers just because we have an affiliate deal with the production company.
  • We never accept guest posts just because people want a backlink from us.
  • All the advertisements are clearly marked as “Advertisement”.

We use conversational language while we talk to our readers in the content to connect to our readers. We only share hands-on experiences and knowledge with our content users.

How is the ExcelDemy Approach for Training, Book, and Services Selection?

ExcelDemy recommends online Excel training courses, books, services, and software tools to learn Excel and solve issues with Excel files. We also recommend software applications that convert Excel files to other file types or other file types to Excel. Whatever we suggest to our users, we always use those products, test them, and compare them before suggesting them to our readers. We also check the background of the solution providers to ensure the best quality of the products for our users. To be clear with our users, we always declare when a product is sponsored.

How Does ExcelDemy Use the Inclusive Language?

ExcelDemy takes an inclusive language approach to show respect to all the groups of users it deals with. ExcelDemy is aware of the differences among people and ensures that no groups of people are offended.

To ensure respect for all groups of people, we focus on taking a genderless approach. It means we never mention any specific group of people to show respect to all the groups of people out there. We believe all human beings are equal.

How Does ExcelDemy Support Eco-friendliness for a Better World?

Eco-friendliness is the practice of saving the mother world’s ecosystem from our approach to making content. Our offices are designed in such a way that our staff get sunny weather, use and less resources of the mother world to produce content. Even we provide 4 day home office to burn less fuel energy and preserve the energy of our staff. We are almost a paperless office, thus saving some trees from being cut. All our work and documents are saved in the cloud.

How does ExcelDemy Value Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?

Though we use inclusive language to mention our readers, our content is for all. With the word “you”, we mention to all the group of people. We treat all people equally whether they are from white or black communities, or from the LGBTQ communities. We respect all in the same way. ExcelDemy is for everyone.

Which Universities Feature the ExcelDemy as a Valuable Resource?

ExcelDemy has been mentioned as a valuable source of Excel problem solutions by numerous Excel practitioners. Websites like Seeking AlphaAccounting WebExplained Today, and OzGrid have linked to our articles as possible solution providers for specific Excel problems. MVP Andy PopeReporting and Analytics specialist Rick GranthamExcel Nerd John Macdougall of How to Excel, and Data Analyst Steve Rynearson have mentioned ExcelDemy as a valuable resource for Excel-related topics. We are grateful to them for showing respect for our efforts.

What do Readers Say About ExcelDemy?

Here’s some of the feedback we’ve received from our readers:

“Thank you for the insight on Excel. Helped a lot in making a personal roadmap for learning Excel from Beginner to Advanced 🙂Great Job. Keep doing it.”

–ANIRUDH KANSARA, November 2017

“Hi, what an excellent article series! Straight and to the point, very easy to follow, practice and understand. Many thanks!”

–TG, December 2017

“Excellent tutorials. so easy to follow and learn. a simple way of teaching. Thanks”


“Master Excel Pivot Table In 23 Easy Steps & Be A Pivot Table Wizard! It is great work, Sir. Lots of Thanks”

–VIKAS GUPTA, January 2016

“Really, the website from which you are interpreting things about Excel is excellent !! Thanks, Buddy for your contribution on this.”

-SHIVAJI UPASE, August 2015

How to Contact the ExcelDemy?

Need to reach out? We always eagerly stay up to hearing from you and appreciate your response. Whenever you reach us, we gather the individual data you provide to us as per our Privacy Policy.

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We always appreciate your feedback about us and our website, regardless of whether you have a thought for an article or an idea for something we ought to do any other way. Please direct any feedback to [email protected].

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