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ExcelDemy is born in 2013 with a motive to solve Excel-related problems and make Excel solutions. All over the world, about 750 million people use Excel as their way-to-go tool. These huge numbers of users face a lot of problems while using Excel. Our motto is to collect those problems and give them the solutions.

Our readers love ExcelDemy as we explain our solutions in plain language and we use a lot of screenshots in every article so that readers can follow us even without reading the text.

ExcelDemy has been mentioned as a valuable source of Excel problem-solutions by numerous Excel practitioners. Websites like Seeking Alpha, Accounting Web, Explained Today, and OzGrid have linked to our articles as possible solutions to specific Excel problems. MVP Andy Pope, Reporting and Analytics specialist Rick Grantham, Excel Nerd John Macdougall of How to Excel, Data Analyst Steve Rynearson have mentioned ExcelDemy as a valuable resource of Excel-related topics. We are grateful to them for showing respect for our efforts.

What Is Our Motto

We are managing and training our team to make ExcelDemy a single place for all Excel-related problems. We are focussing or will focus on the following topics:

Exceldemy is owned by its founder and CEO Kawser Ahmed.

Our Editorial Team

Kawser Ahmed


Kawser Ahmed is the Founder and CEO of SOFTEKO (a software com content marketing company) and Editor-in-Chief of ExcelDemy.

Since 2013, he has written over 334 articles on a lot of Excel Problems. He has made the initial traction of Exceldemy. Excel & Data Analysis, Digital Marketing, and Stock Market Trader and Trainer are his areas of expertise.

As an Expert Technical Analyst, he conducts the Advanced Technical Analysis Course on the main stock exchange of Bangladesh. He is an enlisted external resource person at Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited. He is working as an Investment Analyst and Course Coordinator at AmarStock Limited.

With 10 Excel courses and 150k students enrolling in his courses, Kawser is an Excel Instructor at Udemy.

He is a family person, the father of two angels (Marissa and Arissa). He lives in Dhaka with his wife Dipa Ahmed and his two daughters.

Mehrab Imtiaz


Hi There!

Welcome to my Profile. I am an editor of a small team of passionate writers who are dedicated to bringing you the best Excel tutorials and content that you might be needing as an individual, a student, or even as a professional. I myself am a graduate of Computer Science and Engineering with an uncanny attraction towards anything SEO and Content Writing. I have been refining myself in this field since 2017 to bring my readers the content that they are looking for.

Kazi Rafaza Afroz

Administrative coordinator

I am the Administrative Coordinator of SOFTEKO. I edit and prepare the articles written by our extremely passionate technical content writers, and then approve the final versions of article publishing on the website, using company guidelines. I often possess a combination of work in SEO of the articles and manage the website updates as per the company requirements.

I myself am a graduate of Computer Science and Engineering from East-West University, Bangladesh. I enjoy playing the technical role and learn every day for self-development.

Editorial Guidelines and Ethics

We try our best to write the most accurate and really useful articles for our readers. Our Editorial team and our writers are highly experts. They do in-depth research before writing on a topic. If we review a software, be confirmed that we test them personally, and then we recommend it to our readers based on our experiences with the software. But if you find anything problem with our solutions, you can always reach us at [email protected] and we will fix it.

At ExcelDemy, we strictly follow journalism ethics. These are the ethics we do follow in ExcelDemy:

  • We never accept money as an incentive to write an article
  • We never recommend a product for our readers just because we have an affiliate deal with the production company.
  • We never accept guest posts just because people want a backlink from us.
  • All the advertisements are clearly marked as “Advertisement”.

Our Expert Writers

We’ve got a great team of writers with an immense amount of experience in the technology industry. Here are just a few of them:

Shakil P.

Technical Writer

Hello and Welcome! My name’s Shakil. My articles are targeted to support you in enriching knowledge regarding different features related to Microsoft Excel.

I have completed my BSc in Computer Science & Engineering from the Military Institute of Science & Technology-Bangladesh. I am committed and hardworking in nature who believes honesty and punctuality are the primes for all kinds of success. I am fond of literature, hope some knowledge from them will help me providing you some engaging articles even though some weary technical terms.

Md. Abdullah Al Murad

Technical Writer



Welcome to my Profile. Currently, he is working and doing research on Microsoft Excel and here he will be posting articles related to this. His last educational degree is BSc and his program was Computer Science and Engineering from American International University-Bangladesh. He is a Computer Science graduate with a great interest in research and development. He always tries to gather knowledge from various sources and try to make innovative solutions.

Nehad Ulfat

Technical Writer

Hello!This is Nehad. Here I’ll be posting articles & topics related to Microsoft Excel & other useful software as I got massive enthusiasm to analyze tons of data. I’ve completed my BSc in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET).

I have a passion for data analysis, bringing out new results throughout continuous simulations which have not been exposed before. This is what makes me passionate to sit for hours in front of the computer screens at a stretch looking up for some new ideas & thoughts which should be able to change the views on a specific subject. I firmly believe, to ponder over something out of the box, you must have to accumulate a proper & complete understanding of the specific topic along with the related sub-topics.

Rifat Hassan

Technical Writer


Welcome to my profile. Here I will be posting articles related to Microsoft Excel. I am a passionate Electrical Engineer holding a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology.

Besides academic studies, I always love to keep pace with the revolution in technology that the world is rushing towards day by day. I am diligent, career-oriented, and ready to cherish knowledge throughout my life. 

Fan Mail From Our Readers

Here’s some of the feedback we’ve received from our readers:

“Thank you for the insight on Excel. Helped a lot in making personal roadmap for learning Excel from Beginner to Advanced 🙂Great Job. Keep doing it.”

ANIRUDH KANSARA, November 2017

“Hi, what an excellent article series! Straight and to the point, very easy to follow, practice and understand.Many thanks!”

TG, December 2017

“Excellent tutorials. so easy to follow and learn. simple way of teaching. Thanks”


“Master Excel Pivot Table In 23 Easy Steps & Be A Pivot Table Wizard!It is a great work , Sir.Lots of Thanks”

VIKAS GUPTA, January 2016

“Really, The website from which you interpreting things about excel is excellent !!Thanks Buddy for your contribution on this.”

-SHIVAJI UPASE, August 2015

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