At first, take my thanks from the core of my heart for having some time to know about ExcelDemy.com.

Kawser and Family

Short Bio

Okay, how are you today? My name is Kawser Ahmed. You are seeing my only kid daughter Marissa taking a bite of her parents’ marriage anniversary cake. Marissa, my 2 years old kid, is as restless as her mother, Dipa.


From 7th February 2016, a new light, Arissa, is enlightening our lives. I have become father again

I love to play with code, data and financial modeling. Have intensive experience in C, C++, and Java programming. I also took ZEND PHP certification course. Now I basically work on Excel, Excel VBA for data analysis and financial modeling.

Site Launch Time

I have launched this site in the year 2013 and the month was December. So if I calculate the age of this site today (16th July 2015), it is about 1 and 1/2 year this site is around you. Might be this is the first time you are hearing from me. It is my fault I could not reach you. But at the end, we are here. Nice to meet you!

Back-end Story

How the idea of launching a site (related to Microsoft Excel) came to my mind. You have to go a little while back!

When I was a final year student, I got related to the stock market (DSE – Dhaka Stock Exchange).

Why stock market?

–I had always a fascination of business and data analysis.

When I entered the market, I knew nothing about Finance, even I did not know PE means Price Earning Ratio.

I was a student of Engineering stream, so it was natural that I would not know about stock market terms or finance terms. But I started learning. That’s my passion. I cannot think of my life without learning new things 🙂

I started from common finance terms and then started studying several world class stock market gurus like George Soros, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Warren Buffett, Ray Dalio. These are few names. The list will have around 100 names.

All of them work with numbers and data. All of their techniques are different and unique but they work with every bit of data they can gather about a stock or a market.

I understood the power of data and visualization. And who does not know that there is no substitute of Excel when it is about data and visualization.

That’s the starting and from then I am integrating Excel and business Data. I am working on a big project on big data (will share someday).

Objectives of ExcelDemy.com

Did you ever teach someone? If you did, then you know, eventually, you become an expert on the topics that you teach someone. I taught a good number of students while I was also a student. The same rule I wanted to apply when I was learning Excel.

Learning something is easy. But becoming an expert on something is not that easy. According to Malcolm Gladwell’s rule, the 10,000 Hour Rule, you need around 10,000 hours of practice to master a skill.

Master skill means acquiring transformative knowledge on some topic.

If you work on Excel 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, that’s about 5 – 6 years. So knowing or learning a topic is something but mastering some topic is a different thing.

My motives to launch this site were:

  • I will learn Microsoft Excel,
  • To acquire transformative knowledge on Excel, I will solve Excel problems regularly and will share my learning through my blog,
  • And on some interesting Excel projects, we shall work together.

Site Analytic

My site now gets around 16,000 visitors per month. I know it is very little when compared with other giant Excel related sites. But the age of the site on the web is not that high, I mentioned it already.

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