How to Add Comment in Excel Formula (2 Easy Ways)

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In Excel operations, we often need to write complicated formulas. While presenting those operations those complex formulas may seem arcane to the spectators. To reduce the complexities, comments can be added to the formulas. In this article, we will show how to add comment in Excel formula.

How to Add Comment in Excel Formula: 2 Easy Ways

In this article, we will discuss two handy ways to add comment in formula in Excel. Firstly, we will use the N function to add comments. Then, we will opt for the LET function to do the task.

1. Using N Function

The N function converts any value into a number. We will this feature of the function. The N function will evaluate the text comment inside it and return zero. The zero will not be present in the cell and thus we will be able to add the comment to the formula.


  • Firstly, choose the C11 cell and write the following formula down,
=SUM(C5:C10)+N("This is a sum")
  • Then, press the Enter button.

entering formula to show how to add comment in excel formula

  • Consequently, we will have the result of the SUM function and along with that the comment embedded inside the formula.

using the n function to add comment in excel formula

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2. Using LET Function

The LET function is a new addition to Excel. It allows users to define a variable, assign value to it and also allow calculations. In this method, we will define a variable named “Comment” and assign a value to it. Finally, we will use the SUM function to calculate the sum of the salary of the employees.


  • To begin with, choose the C11 cell and type the following formula,
=LET(Comment,"This is a sum",SUM(C5:C10))
  • After that, hit the Enter button.

typing formula to show how to add comment in excel formula

  • As a result, we will have a comment entrenched inside the formula.

using the let function to add comment in excel formula

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How to Populate Comment from Another Cell in Excel

We often need to add comments to the data cells. This helps to clarify any doubts regarding the data. However, writing comments manually on a huge number of data is really tiresome. VBA codes help to reduce the monotony of doing the same task over and over again. So, in this method, we will use a VBA code to populate comments from another cell in Excel.


  • Firstly, go to the Developer tab in the ribbon.
  • From there, select the Visual Basic tab.
  • Consequently, the Visual Basic window will be opened.

  • After that, in the Visual Basic tab, click on Insert.
  • Then, select the Module option.
  • Consequently, a coding module will appear.

  • After that, write the code in the module and save it.

Sub populate_from_another_cell()
Dim another_cell As Range
Set range_output = Range("C5:C10")
For Each another_cell In range_output
    Text = another_cell.Offset(0, -1).Value
    another_cell.AddComment (Text)
Next another_cell
End Sub
  • Finally, run the code by clicking the triangle-shaped green button.

  • As a result, we will have a comment associated with every cell in the C column.

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In this article, we have discussed how to add comments in Excel formula. We have used two very easy-to-use functions in each method. This will allow users to present their formulas in Excel with more clarity. It will also help the users to understand the formulas and their implications better.

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