Excel Sample Data (Free Download 13 Sample Datasets)

Sample data in Excel refers to datasets used for practice purposes. While learning various Excel features and functions, or performing data analysis in Excel, users often need a sample dataset.

In this Excel tutorial, you will find 13 ideal Excel sample data. These sample datasets will cover a wide variety of areas such as sales, finance, management, sports, movies, etc. so that you can get your preferred type of data.

A set of sample data in Excel consists of multiple rows and columns. Each row represents a single observation and each column depicts a single variable. The sample data can be in xlsx or csv file format and users can download the files to get the dataset. Users can also use various Excel functions and features to load data from online sources and create their own datasets.

With meaningful sample data in Excel, users can perform various testing, learning, development, and data analysis tasks.

Here are 13 ideal sets of sample data in Excel:

Project Management Sample Data

A project management sample data is suitable for various types of data filtering, analyzing, and visualizing. Here are the variables that we have included in the sample data:

  • Project Name
  • Task Name
  • Assigned to
  • Start Date
  • Days Required
  • End Date
  • Progress

Here is a preview of the project management dataset:

Excel Sample Project Management Data

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Inventory Records Sample Data in Excel

Inventory management records consist of product and stock information. In our sample dataset, we have included the following fields:

  • Product ID
  • Product Name
  • Opening Stock
  • Purchase/Stock-in
  • Number of Units Sold
  • Hand-in-stock
  • Cost Price Per Unit
  • Cost Price Total

Here is a preview of the inventory records sample data:

Inventory Records Sample Data

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Call Center Customer Satisfaction Data

Call centers deal with customer service and receive various types of feedback from customers. In our Call Center Customer Satisfaction data, we have included the following fields:

  • ID
  • Customer Name
  • Sentiment
  • CSAT Score
  • Call Timestamp
  • Reason
  • City
  • State
  • Channel
  • Response Time
  • Call Duration
  • Call Center

Here is a preview of our sample data:

Excel Sample Call Center Data

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Supermarket Sales Sample Data in Excel

Supermarket sales sample data is a popular dataset for learning and practicing your Excel skills. Here is the list of variables we have included in our supermarket sales sample data:

  • Order No.
  • Order Date
  • Customer Name
  • Ship Date
  • Retail Price
  • Order Quantity
  • Tax
  • Total

Here is a preview of the sample supermarket sales data in Excel:

Sample of Supermarket Sales Data

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Employee Management Data

Employee management data contains information on all employees in an organization. In our sample employee management data in Excel, we have listed the following variables:

  • Employee ID
  • Full Name
  • Department
  • Designation
  • Hire Date
  • Annual Salary

Here is a preview of the employee management data:

Employee Management Data Sample

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Technological Product Sample Data

Any technological product information requires various specifications. In our sample dataset, we have listed the following specifications:

  • Brand
  • Device
  • Model
  • Country of Origin
  • Release Date
  • Price

The following image shows a preview of our sample technological product dataset:

Tech Product Data Sample in Excel

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Engineering and Manufacturing Sample Data

Engineered or manufactured products also require various specifications. Here is the list of variables we have included in our sample engineering and manufacturing sample data:

  • Product ID
  • Name
  • Category
  • Manufacturer
  • Price
  • Stock Quantity

Here is a preview of the sample dataset:

Engineering and Manufacturing Sample Data

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Students Marksheet Sample Data in Excel

A student mark sheet contains the student identifiers and marks in various subjects. In our sample students marksheet dataset, we have listed the following variables:

  • ID
  • Name
  • Marks in Mathematics
  • Marks in Physics
  • Marks in Chemistry
  • Percentage

Here is a preview of the sample student marksheet dataset:

Students Marksheet Data Sample

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2022 FIFA World Cup Performance Data

In our sample dataset, we have listed the information of each player from the World Cup-winning Argentina team. Here is the list of variables we have included:

  • Player Name
  • Position
  • Jersey Number
  • Player DOB
  • Club
  • Appearances
  • Goals Scored
  • Assists Provided
  • Dribbles per 90 Min
  • Interceptions per 90 Min
  • Tackles per 90 Min
  • Total Duels Won per 90 Min

You can preview the sample dataset in the following image:

Sample of 2022 FIFA World Cup Data in Excel

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Tokyo Olympic Data

This sample dataset contains the team names, number of Gold, Silver, Bronze, and total medals, and ranking of teams (based on gold medal and total medal count) in the Tokyo Olympics. Here is a preview of the sample dataset:

Tokyo Olympic Data

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Healthcare Insurance Sample Data in Excel

The price of healthcare insurance depends on various factors such as current age, BMI, smoking habits,  etc. In our sample healthcare insurance dataset, we have listed the following variables:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • BMI
  • Children
  • Smoking Status
  • Location
  • Insurance Price

You can preview the sample dataset in the following image:

Healthcare Insurance Data Sample in Excel

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Travel Destination Distance Data in Excel

While deciding on a travel destination, we need to take the distance, available travel modes, travel duration, etc. factors into consideration. In our sample travel destination dataset, we have listed the following variables:

  • Source City
  • Source Latitude
  • Source Longitude
  • Destination City
  • Destination Latitude
  • Destination Longitude
  • Distance (in km)
  • Distance (in mile)
  • Travel Mode
  • Duration

Here is a preview of the sample dataset:

Travel Destination Distance Sample Data

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Netflix Movies Sample Data

The movie dataset provided in this section contains the following variables:

  • Movie Name
  • Year
  • Age Rating
  • Duration
  • Category
  • IMDb Rating

You can preview the dataset in the image below:

Sample Movie Data in Excel

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This ends our article on Excel sample data. We provided 13 ideal sample data that you can download as an xlsx file. After downloading the workbook, you can use the dataset directly in that workbook. You can also copy or import the sample data to your target workbook using Excel functions and features. We hope that the provided datasets were helpful to you. If you have any feedback or queries on this article, feel free to share them in the comment section.

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  1. Thanks for the DATA SETS !

  2. Thank you so much for the data sets.

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    Cynthia Satterwhite Apr 11, 2024 at 1:49 AM

    Where are the solutions to these problems? Would like to check against what I did

    • Hello Cynthia Satterwhite,

      Neither any problem nor any solution are given. These dataset are given to practice by yourself.


  4. Wow Great Readymade Excel Sheets, Can You provide any excel sheet to maintain monthly calibration details for internal lab

    • Hello Karunesh Pandey,

      As calibration details varies with lab type we can provide you the criteria. You can fill out your information and edit the list.

      Calibration details

      Equipment Name Serial Number Manufacturer Model Calibration Frequency Last Calibration Date Next Due Date Technician Initials Comments
      pH Meter 12345 ABC Inc. Model X Monthly 3/15/2024 4/15/2024 AB
      Balance 67890 XYZ Corp. Model Y Monthly 3/20/2024 4/20/2024 CD
      Spectrophotometer 13579 DEF Ltd. Model Z Monthly 3/10/2024 4/10/2024 EF
      Pipettes (10-100µl) 24680 GHI Co. Model A Monthly 3/25/2024 4/25/2024 GH


  5. nice work thank you !
    I need dataset for students, subjects, teachers and departments hope U help.

    • Reply Lutfor Rahman Shimanto
      Lutfor Rahman Shimanto May 5, 2024 at 9:19 AM

      Hello Fulad

      Thanks for your compliment! As you requested, you can use the following dataset, which contains data with your mentioned fields:

      You can download the workbook from the following link:


      I hope you have found the dataset you were looking for; good luck.

      Lutfor Rahman Shimanto

  6. ExcelDemy good work. It is difficult to get excel datasets for predictive analysis. please can I get a comprehensive CRM (customer online journey) or Supply chain dataset (Procurement-Logistics- inventory-sales) for retail industry.

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