Difference Between Threaded Comments and Notes in Excel

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Microsoft Excel is the most efficient application in the Microsoft Office suite that most require comment and note functionality. Including notes for referencing, take, or inquiries is helpful, if not necessary while using Excel for analysis purposes or basic recording, for colleagues or for oneself. Both comments and notes are used in Excel with Microsoft Office 365. Excel 2019 and Excel 2016 employ comments, nevertheless, in contrast. In this article, we will see how we can add comments and notes. Also, the difference between threaded comments and notes in Excel.

Difference Between Excel Threaded Comments and Notes

We can make comments and also we can have a note in Excel. But there are some differences between those two. To know the difference between comment and note, we are going to use the following dataset. In the dataset, we have some employee names, the number of total sales from them, and also we have the total sales amount. Now, we want to share the data with other experts to review the data.

Difference Between Excel Threaded Comments and Notes

Threaded Comments in Excel

A thread is a distinct discussion display that is already referred to as a threaded comment and is created by collecting all replies to a certain remark collectively below it. With Excel threaded comments, you can connect many comments including comments from some of the other experts to create a thread that resembles a discussion.

A robust threaded comment feature is now being rolled out to Office 365 users by the Microsoft Excel team. It’s a handy tool that lets a group discuss every block while recording the creator, date, and location of each remark or answer.

Add Threaded Comments

It’s a simple procedure for creating and editing comments in Excel. In this section, we will only add threaded comments. Let’s follow the steps down.

  • Firstly, select the cell, where you want to make the comment. In this case, we select cell D5.
  • Secondly, go to the Review tab from the ribbon.
  • Thirdly, under the Comments group, click on the New Comment menu.

Difference Between Excel Threaded Comments and Notes

  • Instead of doing this, after selecting the cell, you can just right-click on your mouse and click on New Comment.
  • Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut Alt + R + C to add a new comment.

Difference Between Excel Threaded Comments and Notes

  • In the cell’s upper right corner, you will see a purple comment signal. This new scheme has a purple rectangle-shaped indication for comments that has a little triangular poking out of the bottom-right corner.
  • Also, you can see a window with a text box where you can put the comment.

  • Further, in the conversation box, type your comment and press Ctrl + Enter or click on the green button.

Delete Threaded Comments

An engaging comment is a vital feature in Excel that functions similarly to a regular remark. That is, we also make changing a comment a bit simpler than it does with notes and now they have added the capability of becoming willing to respond to a remark.

But, if we don’t want any comments in our spreadsheet, we can remove them by selecting the cell and then, right-clicking on the mouse and clicking on the Delete Comment button.

Difference Between Excel Threaded Comments and Notes

Notes in Excel

Notes differentiate from comments include that they resemble sticky notes more. We may clip a note to a field and type something in it as a warning guide. Individual, independent, simple text notes could be connected to any cell using notes.

Add Notes

Likewise, with threaded comments, the process of adding notes to a spreadsheet is straightforward. Let’s follow the directions below for this.

  • In the first place, select the cell where you wish to enter your remark first. Cell D5 is chosen in this instance.
  • Next, click the Review tab in the ribbon.
  • Thirdly, choose the Notes drop-down menu from the Notes group.
  • Then, click on New Note from the drop-down menu.

Difference Between Excel Threaded Comments and Notes

  • Rather than do this, you may just right-click your mouse after choosing the cell and select New Note.
  • However, you may make a new note by pressing Alt + R + T the keyboard shortcut, and then, pressing N to add the note.

  • Now, you can see a tiny red triangle in the top right corner in cell D5 and a sticky note window where you can type your notes.

Delete Notes

Now, delete a note from the workbook, by choosing the cell and then right-clicking the mouse and selecting the Delete Note.

Difference Between Excel Threaded Comments and Notes

Key Difference Between Threaded Comments and Notes in Excel

Threaded Comments

In essence, an Excel note is exactly what we used to refer to as a statement: it’s the text field tool that we are using to comment or add information to a cell. A note is a simple form of communication, despite the fact that we may add drawings and other things to it.

The approach comments operate in Excel for Microsoft 365 recently changed. Now that comments are threaded, we may review the information with other readers. Notes function similarly to comments in older iterations of Excel that are used for creating notes or remarks regarding the data.

There is a reply area for comments. Whenever individuals respond, you may observe a simulated discussion taking place in the worksheet by connecting numerous comments along. Use a comment if you need to intend to convey it to others.


Notes function similarly to comments in older iterations of Excel which we employ for creating notes or remarks analyzing the information. To describe a calculation or something in a cell, we utilize Excel notes. Annotations describing the data are mainly called notes. But we can not have a conversation about it. Other users can not reply to that note. It’s just a description or a reminder however a user uses it.

So, to conclude, use a comment if you need to convey it to others. There is no Respond box for notes, which were originally the comments in prior iterations of Excel. Notes are only for providing messages or annotating cells. Use a note if a conversation about the data is not necessary.

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To conclude, these are the main Differences Between Threaded Comments and Notes in Excel. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. To use them correctly, first, you have to identify your demand properly, then select the one that best suits your requirements.  Hope this will help you! Please let us know in the comment section if you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback.

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