How to Hide Comments in Excel (4 Quick Methods)

In Excel, comments display a message to a user if a cell requires further explanation. Frequently, you might need to hide comments except for deleting the comments permanently. In this article, we are going to learn 4 simple processes to hide comments in Microsoft Excel.

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4 Methods to Hide Comments in Excel

Comments are indicated with a purple marker at the corner of the cells where comments are posted. Now, to hide comments in Excel, you can follow these 4 methods. So let’s explore them one by one.

The table below shows the Date, Time of Entry & Exit, while the Work Hours and the Total Weekly Hours are calculated.

Dataset 1

Now to demonstrate our methods, let’s hide the comments from this table. As a note, the first two methods hide the comments from the active worksheet whereas the last two methods hide the comments from the entire workbook, with that in mind let’s start!

1. Deselecting Show Comments Button to Hide Comments in Worksheet 

The first method shows a very straightforward way to hide the comments. So let’s begin.


  • Firstly, navigate to the Review tab, then click Show Comments.

How to Hide Comments in Excel by Deselect Show Comments

  • Immediately, a comments tray appears on the right side which shows all the comments present in the worksheet.

Using Deselect Show Comments

  • Next, click on the Show Comments button to deselect it thus, hiding the comments.

How to Hide Comments in Excel by Deselect Show Comments

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2. Utilizing Keyboard Shortcuts

Wouldn’t it be great if only there was a keyboard shortcut to hide comments? Well, you’re in luck because the second method describes just that.


  • To start, press the ALT key on your keyboard this changes the appearance of Excel.
  • Now, press R on your keyboard to go to the Review tab.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Secondly, click H followed by the number 1 to display the comments on the righthand side.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Thirdly, repeat the same sequence from the start, that is to say, press the ALT key then click R followed by H, and lastly 1.

How to Hide Comments in Excel with Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Finally, the comments hide from view.

How to Hide Comments in Excel with Keyboard Shortcuts

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3. Utilizing Excel Options to Hide All Comments in Workbook

The third method to hide comments involves using Excel’s Options feature. Just follow along.

Step 01: Go to the Options Menu

  • Firstly, locate the File tab and enter it.

Using Excel Options

  • Next, click the Options tab to open a new window.

Using Excel Options

Step 02: Select the Correct Option

  • Secondly, press the Advanced tab and scroll down to the Display section, where you have to check the following boxes shown in numbered steps.

How to Hide Comments in Excel with Excel Options

How to Hide Comments in Excel with Excel Options

4. Employing VBA Code to Hide Comments 

Have you ever thought of automating the same boring and repetitive steps in Excel? Think no more, because VBA has you covered. In fact, you can automate the prior method entirely with the help of VBA.

Step 01: Launch the VBA Editor

  • To start, go to the Developer tab and then to Visual Basic.

Using VBA Code

  • Then, insert a Module in your Workbook, the Module is where you’ll enter the VBA code.

Using VBA Code

Step 02: Insert the Module and the VBA Code

  • Secondly, to insert code you need to right-click on the Module and click View Code, instantly a window appears on the right.

How to Hide Comments in Excel Using VBA Code

  • Now, copy and paste this VBA code into this window.
Sub HideAllComments()
'This code enables you to hide all comments'
Application.DisplayCommentIndicator = xlNoIndicator
End Sub

How to Hide Comments in Excel Using VBA Code

Step 03: Run the Macro

  • Thirdly, navigate to Run and click it.

How to Hide Comments in Excel Using VBA Code

  • Then, a Macros dialog box appears where you have to press Run to run the macro.

How to Hide Comments in Excel Using VBA Code

  • Eventually, the comments hide from plain sight.

How to Hide Comments in Excel Using VBA Code

Use Resolve Thread Option Instead of Hiding Comments

Instead of hiding the comments, you can make the comments viewable only. That means you cannot edit the comments until you reopen the comment. Luckily, you can apply this feature in the case of a specific cell in the worksheet. So, let’s see the application of Microsoft’s new feature.

Initially, hover your cursor over the commented cell and click the Resolve thread option which keeps the comment viewable. This, however, makes the comment un-editable unless reopened.

As a note, anyone with the access to write in the worksheet can reopen and resolve comments.


  • To initiate, enter the Review tab and find Show Comments.

Using Resolve Thread

  • Now, on the right side, the comments tray can be seen.
  • Next, click the three dots on a comment and select Resolve Thread.

How to Hide Comments in Excel with Resolve Thread

  • Finally, the comment can be seen grayed out and marked Resolved in the comments tray.

How to Hide Comments in Excel with Resolve Thread

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Things to Remember

  • The Comments section in Excel 365 has been redesigned.
  • In older versions of Excel, comments could be hidden by right-clicking the mouse on the cell and choosing the Hide Comments option. However, new versions no longer offer this feature.
  • In addition, the Hide All Comments button in the Review tab has also been removed in the latest edition of Excel.


To conclude, this article describes the process of hiding comments in Excel. Make sure to download the practice files & do it yourself. Please inform us in the comment section if you have any queries. We, the Exceldemy team, are happy to answer your queries.

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