How to Copy Comments in Excel: 2 Suitable Methods

Method 1 – Using Paste Special Tool to Copy Comments in Excel


  • Click on the commented cell, which is the B6 cell, here. Hover over the cell, you can see the comment pops up.

Commented Cell

  • Right-click your mouse on the selected cell. Click on the Copy option from the context menu.

Copy Commented Cell in Excel

  • Select the cells where you want to paste your comment. Right-click on your mouse and click the Paste Special from the context menu.

Select the Range to Paste Comment

  • The Paste Special dialogue box will appear. Check the Comments and Notes option. Click the OK button.

Copy and Paste Comments in Excel

You will see that all the comments have been copied and pasted as per your target successfully.

Comments Copied Successfully

Method 2 – Applying Excel VBA Code to Copy Comments


  • Go to the Developer tab. Click on the Visual Basic tool.

Access the Visual Basic Tool

  • The Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window will appear. Choose the Sheet3 module from the left side tabs to apply your code to this sheet. Write the code below in the VBA code window.
Sub CopyAndPasteComments()
Dim CopyCells As Range, PasteCells As Range
xTitleId = "Copy and Paste Comments"
Set CopyCells = Application.Selection
Set CopyCells = Application.InputBox("Copy Comment from Cells :", xTitleId, CopyCells.Address, Type:=8)
Set PasteCells = Application.InputBox("Paste Comment to Cells:", xTitleId, CopyCells.Address, Type:=8)
PasteCells.PasteSpecial xlPasteComments
Application.CutCopyMode = False
End Sub

Write Code in the VBA Window

  • Close the VBA window and go to the File tab.

Access the File Tab

  • Choose the Save As option from the expanded File tab.

Access the Save As Window

  • The Save As window will appear. Save the Excel file in .xlsm format by choosing the Save as type: options.

Save the Fie to Enable Macro

  • After saving, close the Excel file and open it again.
  • Go to the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window again. Cick on the run icon.

Run the VBA Code to Copy Comment in Excel

  • A window named Copy and Paste Comments will appear. In the Copy Comments from Cells: text box, write the reference of the cell that you want to copy the comment from. Click on the OK button.

Copy Comments in Excel

  • The Copy and Paste Comments window will appear again. At the Paste Comment to Cells: text box, write the reference of the cells where you want to paste the copied comment. Click the OK button.

Paste Copied Comments in Excel

Copy any cell’s comment to any cells, and the result will look like this.

Comments Copied Successfully

Download Sample Workbook

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