How to Add Notes in Excel (The Ultimate Guide)

The notes are attachments in Excel that help to give hints about data used in an Excel worksheet. Notes are used to understand complex data tables in Excel. For example, when you save an Excel worksheet for future use, you can add notes to work on the worksheet without having any trouble. In this article, I will show you how to add notes in Excel. You will also learn to edit, show or hide, and even delete notes in Excel.

How to Add Notes in Excel

To add a note to a cell in your worksheet,

❶ Select a cell first.

❷ Then go to Review Notes New Note.

Add Notes in Excel

After hitting the New Note command, you’ll see a banner beside your selected cell.

❸ Just type your notes and that’s it.

Add Notes in Excel

Excel allows you to add as many notes as you can. For example, I’ve added two notes. The first one is in cell E5 and the second one is in cell E13.

Add Notes in Excel

Edit Attached Notes

Editing the notes that you’ve already inserted is super easy.

All you need to do is,

❶ Select the cell first where you’ve already inserted notes.

❷ Then go to Review Notes Edit Note.

add and edit Notes in excel

Then the note that you’ve applied will show up. You can add, cut, or update your notes whatever you want.

add notes in excel

Go from One Note to Another

If you have multiple notes added, you may want to go from one note to another. Well, navigating between notes is so simple in Excel.

❶ Select a cell first where you have already applied a note.

❷ Then go to Review Notes.

Now, if you want to go to the next note of your selected note, just select the Next Note command.

To go back to the previous note, click on the Previous Note command. It’s so simple, right?

Go from One Note to Another

Hide & Display Notes in Excel

By default, the notes are remained hidden after you insert a note inside a cell. However, when you hover your mouse cursor over the cell where you’ve applied a note, that note becomes visible.

But if you want to show notes permanently, then

❶ Select the cell first.

❷ Go to Review Notes.

❸ Then click on the Show/Hide Note command.

This will make your notes visible in the select cell.

Add Notes in Excel

Suppose, you’ve applied multiple notes in multiple cells. Now you want to show them all. What can you do?

Well, it is very straightforward too.

Just select Review Notes Show All Notes.

After hitting the Show All Notes command, all the notes that you’ve applied will be visible.

Hide & Display Notes in Excel

Notes Vs Comments in Excel

The comments are more of a conversation thread in Excel. In the comment section, one user can reply to another. On the contrary, the notes are just static attachments. Notes are used to attach hints about data used in an Excel worksheet.

Turn Notes into Comments

You can convert notes into comments. To convert the notes into comments,

❶ Select a cell first.

❷ Then go to Review Notes Convert to Comments.

Turn Notes into Comments in Excel

After hitting the Convert to Comments command, all your notes will be turned into Excel comments.

Remove Notes from an Excel Worksheet

Removing a note from an Excel worksheet just takes a moment.

All you need to do is,

❶ Right-click on a cell having a note.

❷ From the context menu, just select the Delete Note command.

Remove Notes from an Excel Worksheet

It will remove the note attached to the cell instantly.

You can repeat the process the remove all the notes from your Excel sheet.

Practice Section

You will get an Excel sheet like the following screenshot, at the end of the provided Excel file where you can practice all the methods discussed in this article.

Download Practice Workbook

You can download the Excel file from the following link and practice along with it.


To sum up, we have discussed how to add, edit, and remove notes in Excel. And don’t hesitate to ask any questions in the comment section below. We will try to respond to all the relevant queries as soon as possible.

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