How to Add, Edit, Hide and Remove Notes in Excel

In this article, we will explore how to add, copy, hide, remove notes, etc. in Excel. We will also learn to add pictures in notes and convert notes to comments.

Notes in Excel is a very useful feature that allows you to add information, provide instructions, or include explanations in the worksheet. Notes can be useful to help other viewers better understand a dataset. These can be used to guide the users and help them navigate through the worksheets easily. Moreover, if you need to explain something about a cell, dataset, or chart, notes come in handy.

Add Notes Using Keyboard Shortcut

Note: We have used Microsoft 365 to prepare this article. However, you can find all the features used in this article in other versions of Excel as well.

Add Notes in Excel
 Apply Keyboard Shortcut
 Use New Note Option
 Insert Notes from Review Tab
Edit Notes in Excel
 Change Fonts
 Change Shape
 Resize/Move Notes
 Move Between Notes
Copy Notes in Other Cells
Insert Picture in Notes
Show/Hide Notes
Convert Notes to Comments
Remove Notes
Frequently Asked Questions

How to Add Notes in Excel

There are 3 ways to add notes in Excel: applying a keyboard shortcut, using the New Note option, and inserting from the Review tab.

1. Apply Keyboard Shortcut

Select the cell you want to add notes to and press  Shift+F2  on your keyboard. As a result, a note will appear. You can write text as per your need in the note.

Add Notes Using Keyboard Shortcut

2. Use New Note Option

Right-click on cell E5 and select New Note.

Add Notes Using New Note Option

As a result, a note will be added.

Sample Note Added

3. Insert Notes from Review Tab

You can also insert notes from the Review tab. Select the cell and go to,

Review >> Notes >> New Note

Add Notes from Review Tab

This will add a new note to the cell.

Sample Note Added from Review Tab

How to Edit Notes in Excel

We can edit an Excel note by changing its font, shape, and size, or by moving it.

1. Change Fonts

First, right-click on the note and select Format Comment.

Format Text in Notes

A dialog box will pop up. From there, you can change the Font, Font style, Size, etc. according to your requirements.

Change Fonts of Text in Notes

2. Change Notes Shape

Select the note and click on the Change Shape icon from the Excel ribbon.

Insert New shape to Note

From there, click on any shape and the note will convert into that shape.

Change Notes shape

3. Resize/Move Notes

First of all, select the note you want to move or resize. Move your cursor to the note border or sizing handle.

Resize and Move Notes in Excel

Then you can move or resize the note by dragging your cursor.

Note Moved and Enlarged

4. Move Between Notes

If your worksheet is full of a large number of notes, it might be difficult to move from one note to another. To navigate through notes quickly, select any note and go to,

Review >> Notes >> Next Note

Click on Next Note to Move Between Notes in Excel

As a result, you will be able to move on to the next note. You can also click on Previous Note to move to the previous note.

Move Between Notes in Excel

How to Copy Notes in Other Cells in Excel

  • Select the cell with a note and press Ctrl+C to copy. Then select the cell where you want to copy the note.
  • After that, press Ctrl+Alt+V on your keyboard. As a result, the Paste Special dialogue box will appear.
  • Select Comments and Notes and click on OK.
Use Comments and Notes Option to Copy Notes in Other Cell in Excel

You can click the image for a detailed view

  • Consequently, the note will be copied to your desired cell.

Copy Notes in Other Cell

How to Insert Picture in Notes in Excel

  • First, right-click on the note and go to Format Comment.

Go to Format Comments in Notes in Excel

  • Select the Colors and Lines tab and click on the Color dropdown.
  • Then select Fill Effects.
Go to Fill Effects

Click the image for a detailed view

  • After that, go to the Picture tab and click on Select Picture.
  • Add your desired image and click OK.

Insert a Picture in Notes in Excel

  • Finally, you will have your selected picture inside the note.

Picture Added in Notes

How to Show/Hide Notes in Excel

To show or hide notes, select the cell with a note and then go to,

Review >> Notes >> Show/Hide Note

Show or Hide Notes in Excel

How to Convert Notes to Comments in Excel

You can convert notes to comments by following a few simple steps. First, click on the note and navigate to,

Review >> Notes >> Convert to Comments

Convert Notes to Comments

As a result, the note will be converted to a comment.

Note Converted to Comments

How to Remove Notes in Excel

To remove a note in Excel, select the note and press the Delete button on your keyboard.

Remove Notes in Excel

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are notes and comments in Excel?

Notes are used to add annotations or reminders to a cell. On the other hand, comments are added to communicate with the users. Notes don’t have any reply box, whereas the comment box comes with a reply option.

2. Can I protect Excel notes from being modified or deleted?

You can protect the notes from being modified or deleted by protecting the worksheet or the entire workbook. Just go to the Review tab and click on Protect Sheet.

3. Can I format the appearance of Excel notes, such as the background color?

Excel does not offer any built-in formatting option to change the appearance of the notes. The worksheet formatting and theme determines how the notes will look like.

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In this article, we have discussed how to add, copy, hide, and remove notes in Excel worksheets. We have also covered how to add images to notes and how to convert notes to comments. If you have any queries or recommendations regarding this article, feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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