How to VLOOKUP a Range in Excel – 7 Examples

The VLOOKUP function checks if data belongs to a range.

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Example 1 – Applying the VLOOKUP Function to get the Letter Grade in a Marks Range

  • Select D5 and enter the formula.
  • The range is B15:C20.

Vlookup a range of letter grades for marks

Example 2 – Adding a Discount to a Customer Card Using the VLOOKUP Function

  • Select C16 and enter the formula.

Vlookup a range of discount in a customer card

Example 3 – Calculating the Fiscal Quarters Value Using the Date Range

  • Select D5 and enter the formula.

Vlookup a range of fiscal quarters value

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Example 4 – Using the VLOOKUP Function to Calculate the Bonus in the Bonus Range

  • Select D5 and enter the formula.

Calculating bonus from bonus range

Example 5 – Finding Grades in a Data Range Limit Between Two Numbers

  • Select D5 and enter the formula.

Finding grades from data range limit

Example 6 – Applying a Named Range to Get the Total Prize

  • To create a name range, select the range and enter the name in the Name Box.

Applying named range to get total prize

  • Select D5 and enter the formula.

Output after applying named range.

Example 7 – Getting Grades from Another Sheet Using the VLOOKUP Function

  • Select D5 and enter the formula.
=VLOOKUP(C5,'Grade Number'!$B$5:$C$10,2,1)

Calculating grades from another sheet

Things to Remember

  • You cannot use an exact match (False/0) in the VLOOKUP function. Use the approximate match ( True/1).
  • Lock the lookup range using ($).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I use VLOOKUP for a range of values?

Ans: Yes. The lookup range can be a value or a cell reference.

Q2: How do I Vlookup and return multiple values in Excel?

Ans: Use the Nested VLOOKUP function to return multiple values.

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