How to Copy VLOOKUP Formula in Excel (7 Easy Methods)


We will consider the following dataset. Here, we applied a VLOOKUP formula on Cell G5. Then, we’ll copy the formula.

Dataset with VLOOKUP formula to copy

Method 1 – The Simple Copy-Paste Method to Copy a VLOOKUP Formula


  • Move to Cell G5.
  • Click on the Copy option from the Clipboard group from the Home tab.

Copy-Paste method to copy VLOOKUP formula

  • Go to the next cell G6.
  • Click on the Paste option from the Clipboard group.

  • Look at the dataset.

VLOOKUP formula copied by pasting

  • We can see VLOOKUP formula of the corresponding Cell G6 has been pasted.
  • Copy the formula to Cell G7.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts:

  • Select cell G5 and press Ctrl + C.
  • Go to cell G6 and press Ctrl + V.
  • Paste the formula with Ctrl + V to all necessary cells.

Method 2 – Copy the VLOOKUP Formula Down a Column by Dragging


  • Place the cursor at the bottom-right corner of cell G5.

  • You’ll see a plus symbol (+) there.
  • Drag this plus symbol down to cell G7.

Copy VLOOKUP formula by dragging

  • If you don’t need to copy the formatting, click on the down arrow at the right-bottom of Cell G7.

  • Choose the Fill Without Formatting option.

Method 3 – Copy a VLOOKUP Formula to the Entire Column


  • Hover over the Fill Handle icon for cell G5.

  • Double-click the Fill Handle icon.

Copy VLOOKUP formula to whole column by double clicking of Fill Handle icon

  • The VLOOKUP formula has been copied through Column G. Like in method 2, we can also remove the formatting from the copied cells.

Method 4 – Create an Excel Table to Copy a VLOOKUP Formula


  • Select the Range B5:D9.
  • Press Ctrl + T.
  • The Create Table box appears with the selected range.
  • Check the My table has headers option.
  • Press the OK button.

  • We can see a table has been formed.

  • Create another table from the range F5:G7.

  • Go to Cell G5 and insert the following formula:

  • Press the Enter button.

Copy VLOOKUP formula by excel Table

  • The inserted formula has been copied to all cells of the Salary column of the table.

Method 5 – Insert a VLOOKUP Formula in One Cell and Copy to Multiple Cells with a Single Button Press


  • Select Range G5:G9.
  • Press the F2 button to go to the edit mode.

  • Insert the following formula and press the Ctrl + Enter buttons.

Copy formula in Excel by single button pressing

  • This fills the column with the AutoFilled formula.

Method 6 – Apply a Keyboard Shortcut to Copy VLOOKUP Formula in Excel


  • Place the cursor on Cell G6.
  • Press Ctrl + D from the keyboard.

Copy formula in Excel by keyboard shortcut

  • The formula has been copied from cell G5.

The formula will copy only to the next adjacent cell that contains a formula. If the adjacent cell does not contain a formula, this method will not work.

Method 7 – Replicate a VLOOKUP Formula Without Changing Cell Reference

Case 1 – Keyboard Shortcut

  • Go to the adjacent cell of Cell G5.
  • Press Ctrl + ‘ (apostrophe) and the Enter button.

Copy formula in Excel without changing

Case 2 – Absolute Cell Reference

  • Apply the absolute cell reference in the formula. Look at the formula of Cell G5 in the image for reference.
  • Copy and paste this formula following any method above.

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