What Is Trendline in Excel? (Ultimate Guide)

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This tutorial will cover many essential topics on Trendline in Excel. We’ll walk you through adding a trendline in a chart, formatting, and extending it. You will also learn to remove them and fix common problems.

Generating Trendlines is valuable for sales, financial, stock market analysis and scientific research. Trendlines can help us gain valuable insights, make predictions, and support decision-making in various fields.

After going through this post, you can enrich your analyzing skills. Let’s get started.

Overview of trendlines in Excel chart

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How to Add Trendline in Excel with Easy Steps?

1. Insert a Chart to Add Trendlines

Select B4:C9 range >> go to Insert >> click on Insert Scatter >> select Scatter.

Insert Scatter Chart

2. Expand Trendline Option from Chart Elements

Click on the chart area >> click on the PLUS icon >> expand the Trendline option.

Open up the Chart Elements Option

3. Insert a Trendline in an Excel Chart

Choose the intended trendline type. Here, we have applied Linear Forecast. In this way, we can add a trendline.

How to Insert Multiple Trendlines in a Chart?

1. Inserting Multiple Trendlines in a Chart

Choose B4:C9 range >> navigate to the Insert tab >> input a Scatter chart.

Insert Scatter Chart for multiple trendlines

Click the PLUS icon >> Expand the Trendline option >> Choose Linear.

Linear Type Trendline

Right-click on any data series >> click on Add Trendline.

Right-click on a data series

As a result, the Format Trendline pane will open. Choose Polynomial >> Type 2 as order.

Multiple Trendlines in a Chart

2. Adding a Trendline for Each Data Series


How to Format Trendline in Excel?

Right-click on the intended trendline >> Choose Format Trendline from the context menu.

Right-click on trendline

Eventually, the Format Trendline pane will open. Choose Fill & Line >> Apply the desired formatting.

Output of formatting trendline

How to Extend Trendline in Excel?

Right-click on the intended trendline >> Choose Format Trendline from the context menu.

Right-click on trendline to extend

Later, the Format Trendline pane will open. click on Trendline Options >> type intended Forward periods. In this way, we can extend the trendline.

Extend trendline

How to Display Trendline Equations on a Chart?

Open Format Trendline pane >> Choose Trendline Options >> Check Display Equation on Chart >> Check Display R-squared value on chart. In this way, we can display the trendline equation.

Display trendline equation

How to Remove Trendline from a Chart?

Right-click on the desired trendline >> Choose Delete from the context menu.

Remove trendline

What Are Reasons for Trendlines Not Showing?

  • If you have very few data points, Excel may not be able to generate a meaningful trendline.
  • Not all chart types support trendlines, so use a compatible chart type, such as a scatter plot or line chart.

Things to Remember

  • If you want to click on the PLUS symbol of a chart, you must click on the chart area first.
  • When inserting multiple trendlines, you must right-click on a data series.


We have covered some essential topics on Trendline in Excel. You have learned many practical aspects of applying trendlines. Visit our ExcelDemy site to learn more about Excel. You can also discuss your Excel issue in our ExcelDemy Forum.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a trendline represent?

A trendline is a chart line showing the overall direction of a group of data points. It helps us in analyzing the general pattern in the data.

2. What is the trend line in Excel?

You can add a trendline to certain chart types like scatter, line and column charts in Excel. Excel provides different types of trendlines like linear, exponential, logarithmic, etc. You can use a trendline to make predictions or see how well the data fits the line.

3. How do you analyze a trend line?

First, look at the line and see if it goes up or down. If it goes up, it means the data is generally increasing. And if it goes down, it means the data is usually decreasing. A flat line represents a stronger relationship between the variables.

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