What Is a Trendline in Excel? – A Guide

Trendlines are used in sales, financial, stock market analysis and scientific research. They can provide valuable insights, make predictions, and support decision-making.


Overview of trendlines in Excel chart

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How to Add a Trendline in Excel – Easy Steps

1. Insert a Chart to Add Trendlines

Select B4:C9 >> go to Insert >> click Insert Scatter >> select Scatter.

Insert Scatter Chart

2. Expand Trendline Options from Chart Elements

Click the chart area >> click the PLUS icon >> expand the Trendline options.

Open up the Chart Elements Option

3. Insert a Trendline in an Excel Chart

Choose a trendline type. Here, Linear Forecast.

How to Insert Multiple Trendlines in a Chart?

1. Inserting Multiple Trendlines in a Chart

Choose B4:C9  >> go to the Insert tab >> choose Scatter.

Insert Scatter Chart for multiple trendlines

Click the PLUS icon >> Expand the Trendline options >> Choose Linear.

Linear Type Trendline

Right-click any data series >> click Add Trendline.

Right-click on a data series

In the Format Trendline pane, choose Polynomial >> Enter 2 in order.

Multiple Trendlines in a Chart


How to Format a Trendline in Excel?

Right-click the trendline >> Choose Format Trendline.

Right-click on trendline

Choose Fill & Line >> Apply formatting.

Output of formatting trendline

How to Extend a Trendline in Excel?

Right-click the trendline >> Choose Format Trendline.

Right-click on trendline to extend

Click  Trendline Options >> enter Forward periods.

Extend trendline

How to Display Trendline Equations on a Chart?

Open the Format Trendline pane >> Choose Trendline Options >> Check Display Equation on Chart >> Check Display R-squared value on chart to display the trendline equation.

Display trendline equation

How to Remove a Trendline from a Chart?

Right-click the trendline >> Choose Delete.

Remove trendline

Why are Trendlines Not Showing?

  • If you have few data points, Excel may not be able to generate a trendline.
  • Not all chart types support trendlines. Use a compatible chart type, such as a scatter plot or line chart.

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