Data for Excel Chart (Add, Edit, Move and Remove)

Want to learn about data for an Excel chart? Then, this is the right place for you. In this article, you will learn about how to select data for a chart or add, change, edit, format, sort, extract or remove data from an existing chart. Here, you will also find some relevant articles describing how to work with dates in Excel charts or solve issues related to charts.

Excel charts are used for data analysis, reporting, and visual representation purposes. It helps to effectively manipulate and present data in chart form.

Data for Excel chart

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What Is a Chart in Excel?

A chart in Excel is a visual way to represent data from a worksheet. It helps you understand trends, compare data, identify patterns, and gain insights by presenting information in a graphical format like bar graphs, line graphs, or pie charts.

How to Add Chart in Excel

Here, we have a dataset containing the number of Laptops and Smartphones sold in the first 6 months of a company. Now, we will add a chart in Excel using this dataset.


  • Select your dataset >> go to the Insert tab >> click on Insert Column Chart button >> select a chart from there.

Inserting Excel chart

  • Next, you can change the Chart Title by just typing your desired title and will get a chart like below.

added Excel chart

How to Select Data for Excel Chart

To change the data range or select data for a blank Excel Chart follow the steps given below. Here, we will change the data series by switching rows and columns.

  • Select your chart and right-click on it.
  • Then, click on the Select Data option.

selecting Select Data option

  • Now, click on the Switch Row/Column option and click on OK.

clicking on Switch Row/Column option

  • Thus, you can select data for Excel charts.

resultant Excel chart

How to Add, Edit, Move and Remove Data Series in Excel Chart

To add, edit, move or remove data series from an existing chart, you will have to open the Select Data Source box by selecting your chart >> right-clicking on it >> selecting Select Data option. After opening the Select Data Source window, you can use the following methods.

1. Add Data Series to Existing Chart

  • If you want to add a new data series to your existing chart, click on the Add button in Select Data Source Box.

Clicking on Add option in Select Data Source Box

  • Then, insert the Series name and values in the Edit Series box and click on OK.
  • Thus, a new data series will be added to your existing chart.

Edit Series Box

2. Rename Data Series

In case, you want to rename or edit an existing data series, select that data series >> click on the Edit button.

Clicking on Edit button

  • Here, we will change the Series name from Smartphones to iPhone and then click on OK.

Changing Series Name in Edit Series Box

3. Reorder Data Series in Existing Chart

You can also reorder data series in an existing chart using the Select Data Source box.

  • Select the data series you want to reorder >> click on the Move Up or Move Down button according to your need >> click on OK.

Reordering Data Series in existing chart

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4. Remove Data series in Chart

To remove a data series from your chart, select that data series in the Select Data Source box >> click on the Remove button >> click on OK.

clicking on Remove button

How to Format Data Series in Excel Chart

Sometimes you may want to have only black and white or a specific format of data series in Excel charts. To do that follow the steps given below.

  • Firstly, select the data series in the chart by clicking on any data point of that series.

Selecting data series in Excel chart

  • It will open the Format Data Series toolbox. You can format your data series from here according to your wish.
  • We will go to the Fill options >> select Pattern Fill option >> select a pattern from there.

Format Data Series Box

  • Similarly, we will Solid Fill for another series.

Formatted data series

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How to Show Hidden Data in Excel Chart

Sometimes, you may want to hide some data in your worksheet but want to show them in the chart. However, when data is hidden from the worksheet, Excel automatically removes them from the chart.

  • To show hidden data in a chart, open the Select Data Source box >> click on the Hidden and Empty Cells button.

click on the Hidden and Empty Cells button

  • Then, turn on the Show data in hidden rows and columns option >> click on OK.

Hidden and Empty Cell Settings box

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Things to Remember

When creating your Excel chart remember to check data accuracy and try to maintain data consistency during modifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the most popular Excel chart types?

The most popular Excel chart types are- Line chart, Clustered column chart, Combination chart, Stacked column chart, 100% stacked column chart, Stacked area chart, Bar chart, Pie chart, Number chart, Histogram, Bullet chart, Venn diagram etc.

2. How to select the best Excel chart?

To select the best Excel chart for your data you should keep the following facts on your mind.

  • Make sense when visualizing data.
  • Classify data
  • Find relationship among data
  • Understand the composition, distribution and overlapping of data
  • Find patterns and trends
  • Find outliers in data
  • Predict future trends
  • Help to create meaningful stories for decision-makers

3. Which chart to avoid for reporting purposes?

The chart types you should avoid for reporting purposes are:

  • Treemap
  • Waterfall chart
  • Radar chart
  • Bubble chart


This article provides a comprehensive guide on selecting, manipulating, and formatting data in Excel charts, along with addressing common problems and providing solutions. Hope you find this helpful and informative. Feel free to comment if something seems difficult to understand. Thank you!

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