Row Height Excel (All Things You Need to Know)

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In the article, you will get a complete overview of row height in Excel. You will learn about the default row height, and the ways to change, and autofit row height.

Usually, the default row height of an Excel spreadsheet is 15 points (or 20 pixels). But you can adjust the row height according to your need. Adjusting row height ensures that the content within each row is fully visible and not cut off or hidden

Modifying row height helps improve the overall appearance and readability of your spreadsheet. By setting appropriate row heights, you can create a visually appealing worksheet.

Moreover,  you can create a visually consistent appearance by making row heights uniform. It will be easier for users to navigate and comprehend the spreadsheet.

Row height Excel

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How to Change Row Height in Excel

Method 1: Using Row Height Command

To change the height of multiple rows:

  • Select any of the cells from the rows or the entire rows > go to the Home tab > click drop down of Format under Cells group > select Row Height option.

Row height command

  • Type your desired row height in the Row Height dialog box.

Change row height

  • Excel will thus change the row height according to the input.

Row height changed

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Method 2: Using Context Menu

To change row height by implementing the context menu from the mouse:

  • Select the row number from the left corner of the worksheet > right-click on the mouse to bring the context menu.

Select specific row

  • Select Row Height from the context menu.

Row height

  • Put your desired height in the appeared Row Height dialog box.

Change row height

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Method 3: Adjusting Height by Dragging Mouse

To adjust row height:

  • Just place your mouse in between the row of which height you want to change and the immediate row located below > click, hold and drag the mouse.

Dragging mouse

  • Dragging the mouse will increase or decrease the row height.

Height adjusted

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How to AutoFit Row Height in Excel

Method 1: Using AutoFit Row Height Command

To autofit all the rows of the worksheet:

  • Go to the top-left corner and click the green triangle to select the whole worksheet > go to the Home tab > dropdown of the Format option under Cells group > select AutoFit Row Height option.

AutoFit row height

  • Excel will fit all the rows according to the font size.

Row height fitted automatically

Method 2: AutoFit Rows with Double Click

Just select all the rows in the worksheet > place your cursor in between two consecutive row numbers and double-click. All the rows will be fitted now.

Autofit with double click

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the maximum row height available in MS Excel?

Ans: The maximum row height available in Microsoft Excel is 409 points or approximately 546 pixels.

2. How can I make the row height the same for all rows in Excel?

Ans: Just select all the rows and apply any of the commands.

3. Is it possible to set a minimum row height in Excel?

Ans: No, Excel does not have a built-in feature to set a minimum row height. However, you can manually adjust the row height to a desired minimum value.

Takeaways from the Article

  • The default row height in Excel is approximately 15 points.
  • Excel allows a maximum row height of 409 points.
  • To make the row height consistent for all rows, you have to select the entire worksheet and apply any of the commands.

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In this tutorial, we have explored various aspects of row height management in Excel including changing and adjusting heights, and fitting row heights according to contents. The ability to adjust row height according to needs will create an aesthetic look for the worksheet. By applying the knowledge gained from this article, you can create professional-looking spreadsheets.

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