How to Create Rows within a Cell in Excel (3 Methods)

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In this instructive session, I’ll show you 3 handy methods on how to create rows within a cell in Excel.

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3 Methods to Create Rows within a Cell in Excel

Let’s introduce today’s dataset where the Name of some employees is provided along with their corresponding States and E-mail (these are located sequentially). Now, you need to create multiple rows to keep the given information within a cell.


Let’s explore the methods.

1. Using Wrap Text Feature

In the beginning method, you’ll see the application of the Wrap Text feature in Excel. Please do the following steps.

Step 01: Apply the Wrap Text Feature

➜ Firstly, select the entire dataset (e.g. B5:B9 cells)

➜ Later, choose the Wrap Text feature from the Alignment ribbon (in the Home tab).

Using Wrap Text Feature

Step 02: Turn on AutoFit Row Height

In this step, you need to turn on the AutoFit Row Height option.

➜ Just click on the drop-down list of the Format feature and choose the AutoFit Row Height option while selecting the cells.

Using Wrap Text Feature

Eventually, you’ll get the following output where the Name, State, and E-mail address are located separately (multiple lines) within the single B5 cell.

How to Create Rows within a Cell in Excel Using Wrap Text Feature

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2. Inserting Line Break

Another way to create multiple lines within a cell is to insert a line break after each piece of information.

➜ So, go to after the Name (e.g. James Smith) in the B5 cell and press ALT + ENTER to add a line break in the cell.

➜ Then, repeat the process in the rest cells after each information except the last information. As you don’t need to have a line break after the E-mail.

Inserting Line Break

After using the AutoFitRow Height option, you’ll get the following output.

How to Create Rows within a Cell in Excel Inserting Line Break

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3. Merging Rows to Create Multiple Rows within a Cell

Most likely, this method is the desired one that you’re looking for! Certainly, you can create rows to keep information within a cell using this simple but effective method. For example, you can store the information available in the B5 cell in Row 5-7.

➜ To do this, you need to select the B5:B7 cells and pick the Merge & Center option from the Home tab.

How to Create Rows within a Cell in Excel Merging Rows

➜ Subsequently, type or copy-paste (CTRL + C to copy and CTRL + V to paste) Name and then press ALT + ENTER to insert a line break.

➜ Later, type another information (e.g. States) in the newly created line.

How to Create Rows within a Cell in Excel Merging Rows

After adding an E-mail, you’ll get the following output.

How to Create Rows within a Cell in Excel Merging Rows

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That’s the end of today’s session. I strongly believe from now you can easily create rows within a cell in Excel. Anyway if you have any queries or recommendations, please share them in the comments section.

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