How to Edit Links in Excel (3 Methods)

The following sample dataset shows the Sales by Chris for the last five years.

Edit Links in Excel Sample Dataset

Method 1 – Update Values to Edit Links in Excel


  • Copy the part you want.

NOTE: Here, you have to go to a different workbook where you have the dataset. For example, we have this Dataset sheet in Workbook 1. Then, we are linking this “Dataset” sheet to our desired sheet in the “Edit Links in Excel” workbook.
  • Go to the new workbook, and instead of normal paste, do Paste Link to create a link between these two workbooks.

 Update Values to Edit Links in Excel

  • The link will be created.

  • A new update has been created, and you need to update the values in the source workbook.

  • Ensure that the main workbook is also updated automatically. To do that, go to Data in the Connection Group and click on Edit Links.

Edit Links in Excel

  • A new window appears with different editing criteria.,
  • Click on Update Values to update your main workbook.
  • Click on Close to proceed.

  • The links will be edited and updated automatically.

Method 2 – Edit Links by Changing Link Sources


  • Go to the Data tab and click on Edit Links.

Edit Links by Changing Link Sources

  • When the new window appears, click on Change Source.

  • Go to the new location where the source workbook is located.
  • Select the file and press OK.

Edit Links by Changing Link Sources in Excel

  • Click on Close.

  • The dataset will be updated according to the source workbook.

Method 3 – Break Links Through Edit Links Feature in Excel


  • Go to the Data tab and click on Edit Links to open the edit link window.

Break Links Through Edit Links Feature in Excel

  • Select the source on which you want to apply the Break Link.
  • Click on the Break Link option.

  • A warning window will appear, telling you that once you break the link, this action cannot be undone.
  • Click on Break Links to proceed.

  • The link will break, and there will be no information about the link in the Window.
  • Press Close.

Edit Links in Excel

  • No values will update if you change any data in the source workbook.

Things to Remember

➤ First, the edit Link will only activate when you create a link between one workbook and another.

➤ However, if you break links, you cannot undo them. So, keeping a backup copy of your workbook first is wise.

Download the Practice Workbook

You can download the workbook used for the demonstration from the download link below.

Edit Links in Excel: Knowledge Hub

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