How to Setup Page in Excel (9 Useful Setups)

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Throughout the content, we elaborate on the opening of the Page Setup in Excel with Page Layout, View, and File tabs. Further, we discuss the applications of commands from the Page Setup group in terms of page modification.

Printing spreadsheet files is considered a daily routine for professionals. Professionals have often faced various issues while printing the spreadsheet, for instance, column missing, headers missing from the 2nd page, wrong paper size, incorrect margins, and so on. To avoid shortcomings, setting up a page before printing is inevitable.

An overview image of page setup in Excel

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How to Open Page Setup Dialog Box in Excel

Users can open the Page Setup dialog box by applying 3 approaches such as Print Command, Page Layout, and View tab.

1. Use Page Setup Group from Excel Page Layout Tab

The Page Layout tab has a dedicated Page Setup group to prepare a page to print according to your wish. You can use the commands from the Page Setup group or simply launch the Dialog box.

Using the Page Layout tab to use the Excel Page Setup group

2. Apply Print Command from File Tab

Here is another alternative to launching the Page Setup dialog using the Print command. First, go to the File tab >> Then, choose the Print menu >> Finally, select the Page Setup command.

Using the Excel Print command from the File tab

3. Utilize Excel View Tab

With the View tab, one can review the layout and set up the page accordingly. To get the Page Layout command, go to the View tab >> Then expand the Workbook Views command >> Finally, select the Page Layout button.

Using Using Excel Page Layout command from the View tab

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How to Setup Page in Excel: 9 Useful Setups

Using the useful commands of the Page Setup group, you will be able to create a custom page setup in Excel. We will show you applications and issues regarding each command.

1. Fit Whole Dataset on a Page

One can fit the whole dataset on a page by selecting the Fit to option.

  • To select the Fit to option, initially go to the Page Layout tab >> Then, launch the page setup dialog >> Next, select the Fit to 1 option >> Further, hit the Print Preview command to check the outcome.

Scaling a dataset

  • Therefore, obtain the whole dataset on a single page.

Outcome after setting up the dataset on a page in Excel

Note: You can select the Page Setup command again if you require any changes.

2. Setup Margins in Excel Page

The selection of margins enhances the readability of a page. Now, we will show you the use of Margin along with its outcome.

  • Initially, go to the Page Layout tab >> Then expand the Margins command >> Next, select the Narrow option.

Applying narrow margin in Excel

  • Finally, press Ctrl + P keys to observe the Print preview. Also, select the Show margin option for better understanding.

Outcome containing narrow margin

3. Setup Page Orientation in Excel

One can convert page orientation from Portrait to Landscape mode. It is most suitable for the dataset containing numerous columns that are unable to fit in the Portrait orientation.

  • To select Landscape orientation, initially, go to the Page Layout tab >> Then expand the orientation command >> Next, select the Landscape option from the list.

Selecting Landscape orientation

  • Finally, press Ctrl + P keys to observe the outcome from the Print Also, for better understanding, select the Show margin option.

Outcome containing Landscape orientation during page setup in Excel

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4. Select Size of Page

Often we require to print the dataset in the A4 paper. To get the best fit, select the paper size from the Size command.

  • To select page size, firstly, go to the Page Layout tab >> Then expand the Size command >> Next, select the A4 option from the list.

Selecting A4 page setup in Excel

  • In the end, press the Ctrl + P keys to open the preview on the Print Further, the Show margin option helps in terms of better understanding.

Outcome containing A4 page

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5. Setup Print Area for Page in Excel

Selecting the area manually, we will be able to set up the print area with custom selection.

  • To select the print area, firstly, go to the Page Layout tab >> Secondly, expand the Print Area command >> Thirdly, select the Set Print Area option from the list.
  • Setting Print areaHolding the borderline of the column and dragging it to the right, you will observe the shifting of the print line. Thus Sales Amount column is excluded from the 1st page.

Shifting the print area line

  • Lastly, press Ctrl + P keys to navigate the dataset without the Sales Amount column in the Print menu.

Outcome after setting up the print area within the dataset

6. Insert Page Break

You can split the dataset into two by applying the Insert Page Break option.

  • To apply a page break after the 11th row, initially, select the 12th row >> Then, go to the Page Layout tab >> Next, expand the Breaks command >> After that, choose the Insert Page Break option from the list.

Inserting a page break into a dataset

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7. Repeat Top Rows for All Pages

By using the Print Titles command one can insert a common top heading for all pages.

  • To repeat the row or heading, firstly, go to the Page Layout tab >> Secondly, launch the Page Setup dialog box >> Thirdly, select insert $1:$4 in the Rows to repeat at top field >> Finally, hit the OK command.

Inserting the same row heading on every page

  • Now go to the View tab >> Then, expand the Workbook Views command >> Next, select the Page Layout button to observe the two new pages with a header.

Outcome containing similar row heading

8. Print Row and Column Headings with Dataset

Checking the Row and Column headings from the Page Setup dialog box, we will be able to insert column and row numbers into the page.

  • To insert rows and column numbers, initially, go to the Page Layout tab >> Next, launch the Page Setup dialog >> After that, go to the Sheet menu >> Finally check the Row and column heading option.

Checking row and column heading from the Excel Page Setup dialog box.

  • Therefore, press Ctrl + P keys to observe the outcome on a page containing row and column headings.

Inserted row and column heading

9. Insert a Background Image

Users can add background images to enhance beauty.

  • To insert the background picture, initially, go to the Page Layout tab >> Next, select the Background command >> After that, select From a file command from the Insert Pictures dialog.

Inserting a background from the personal computer

  • Therefore, selecting a logo from the local storage of a personal computer, we insert the logo as the background of the dataset.

Inserted a background image into a dataset

Note: The user must change the transparency before importing the background image. There is no option in Excel to change the transparency of the background image in Excel.

Things to Remember

  • Press Ctrl + P keys to check the output as Preview on the Print menu.
  • Adjust the transparency of the image before importing it as a background image.


In short, we delineated 3 catchy approaches to open the Page Setup in Excel. In addition, we also construe the uses of the Page Setup group. Any suggestions, as well as queries, are appreciated. Leave your valuable insights in the comment section. For related articles and knowledge, don’t forget to visit our site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is my A4 size in Excel?

Go to the Page Layout tab >> Click the Size button from the Page Setup group >> Select A4 paper size from the drop-down menu.

Q2. What is a page break in Excel?

Page Break in Excel is an imaginary line that split the spreadsheet into two or multiple pages.

Q3. How to do page 1 and page 2 in Excel?

Go to the Insert tab >>  click Header & Footer from the Text group.

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