How to Save Excel as PDF Landscape (with Quick Steps)

We usually save Microsoft Excel files into PDFs if we want to share or print those Excel files. Because when we share any Excel file directly, the receiver may change the composition of the Excel file. Or whether he uses another previous version of Excel then, there may be any mismatch in the file. For those reasons, we save Excel files as PDFs. If we have more columns in the Excel file, then we need to save PDF in landscape mode. In this article, we will discuss how to save Excel as PDF in landscape mode.

Step 1: Customizing Page Setup in Excel Ribbon

In the first step, we will customize the Page Setup.

  • Click on the Page Layout tab.
  • We get the Page Setup group here.

Customize Page Setup for PDF in Excel

  • Now, click on the arrow sign of the Margins. Now, click on Normal as the margin.

Customize Page Setup for PDF in Excel

Here, Normal is set as the default margin.

  • Now, we will change the orientation. It is the most important part of this article. Click on the arrow of the Orientation option of the Page Setup group.
  • Choose the Landscape mode.

Customize Page Setup for PDF in Excel

  • Look at the screenshot below.

We can see a dotted line on the right side. This page will cover that dot line area in the PDF file in one page.

  • Now, set the paper size. Click the Size option.
  • Choose A4 as the paper size.

Customize Page Setup for PDF in Excel

  • Have a look at the following image.

The dotted line extends as the paper size changes.

Step 2: Defining Print Area in Excel

In this step, we will define Print Area, Page breaks, and Page scaling.

  • First, we will set up the print area. Select the range from the worksheet.
  • Choose Print Area from the Page Setup group.
  • Finally, choose Set Print Area.

Define Excel Print Area in Excel to save in PDF

  • We will insert the page break. Click on the Breaks option.
  • Choose Insert Page Break from the list.

Define Excel Print Area in Excel to save in PDF

This will add page breaks in PDF format.

  • We will set up the scaling now. Go to the Scale to Fit group.
  • Width, Height, and Scale all are in default mode.

Step 3: Setting Up Sheet Options for PDF Landscape

At this stage, we will set up all the sheets before saving them in PDF.

  • Click on Print Titles from the Page Setup group.

Set Up Sheet Options to save in PDF

  • The Page Setup window appears.
  • Choose the Sheet tab.

Here, we can input the print area, titles, order, etc.

  • Click on the Print area. Select the area from the sheet.

Set Up Sheet Options to save in PDF

  • Finally, press OK.

This select area is marked for print.

Step 4: Saving a Copy of the Excel File in PDF Format

We have already set up the Excel file for landscape format. Now, we will save this file as a PDF.

  • Click on the File tab of the worksheet.
  • We get a list of options now.
  • Select the Save a Copy option.

Save the Excel file into the PDF

  • Now, go to the location from the File Manager.
  • Choose PDF as the Save as type.

Our Excel file will be saved as PDF in landscape mode successfully.

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In this article, we showed each step to saving an Excel file PDF in landscape mode. l. I hope this will satisfy your needs. Please have a look at our website Exceldemy and give your suggestions in the comment box.

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