Add Gridlines in Excel (Complete Guideline)

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In this article, you will learn all things you need to know about how to add gridlines in Excel and also ways to remove them.

Gridlines in Excel refers to the faint horizontal and vertical lines that create a grid-like structure within a worksheet. They help users distinguish individual cells and maintain a consistent layout across the worksheet.

Gridlines improve the readability of the worksheet. Gridlines are particularly beneficial when working with large datasets. They improve the overall appearance of the worksheet and facilitate data analysis.

Add Gridlines in Excel

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How to Add Gridlines in Excel

Method 1: Add Gridlines from View Tab

If the gridlines of your Excel worksheet are not visible:

  • Go to the View tab > put a checkmark on Gridlines.

Gridlines in View tab

  • Hence Excel will add gridlines to the worksheet.

Add Gridlines in Excel

Method 2: Add Gridlines from Excel Options

Act as the following steps to implement this method:

  • Go to the File tab > select Option from the appeared context menu.

Select Options from menu

  • Here, the Excel Options window will appear.
  • In the Advanced tab, put a checkmark on the Gridlines option under the Display options for the worksheet section.

Show gridlines from Excel Options window

That’s it. Your task is done!

Add Gridlines

How to Remove Gridlines in Excel

Case 1: Remove Gridlines from Entire Worksheet

To remove gridlines from the entire worksheet: uncheck the Gridlines option from the View tab.

Remove Gridlines

This will hide gridlines from the worksheet window.

Gridlines removed

Case 2: Remove Gridlines from Specific Cells

To remove gridlines from specific cells:

  • Select the range of cells > right-click on the mouse to bring the context menu.

Select Cells

  • Select the Format Cells option from the menu.

Context menu

  • The Format Cells dialog box will appear.
  • In the Border section, choose the white color and select Outline and Inside icons under the Presets group.
  • Click OK.

Format Cells dialog box

  • This will remove gridlines from the selected cells.

Gridlines removed from specific cells

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the shortcut for gridlines in Excel?

Ans: For Excel 2016 and newer versions (including Excel 365): Press ALT + W V G to toggle gridlines on or off.

For Excel 2013 and older versions: Press ALT + W V to toggle gridlines on or off.

2. Can I print the gridlines in Excel?

Ans: Yes, you can. Before printing, ensure that the gridlines are visible on the screen. Then, go to the Page Layout tab in the Excel ribbon, click on the Print Area dropdown, and select Print with Gridlines. This will print the gridlines on your worksheet.

Takeaways from the Article

  • Gridlines in Excel makes it easier to read and interpret data in a worksheet.
  • Excel allows the customization of gridlines.
  • Both adding and removing involve the View tab from the Excel ribbon.


So, we have learned the ways to add gridlines in Excel. Adding gridlines to your worksheet is an efficient technique to enhance its readability. Gridlines also contribute to the overall effectiveness and efficiency of your data analysis. So, proper use of gridlines will help you create a more professional spreadsheet.

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