Insert New Worksheet in Excel (All Things to Know)

In this article, we will basically learn how to insert a new worksheet in Excel. Moreover, we’ll show how to rename, move, and delete worksheets.

One significant advantage of inserting a new worksheet is the effective organization of spreadsheet solutions. By using multiple sheets in a workbook, you can separate inputs, data, calculations, reports, and visuals, improving data organization.

Each worksheet serves as a space to store data, input formulas, create charts, and generate reports and dashboards. Lastly, utilizing multiple worksheets enables efficient data management and calculations in Excel.

Overview of insert new worksheet in excel

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How to Insert New Worksheet in Excel

Method 1: Clicking Plus Icon (New sheet Button) to Insert New Worksheet in Excel

Click on the Plus icon (+) at the bottom of the workbook.

Clicking Plus icon to insert new worksheet in excel

As a result, a new worksheet named Sheet2 appears.

Output of insert new worksheet in excel using Plus icon

Method 2: Add New Worksheet Through Insert Sheet Command in Excel

Go to Home tab >> Click Insert >> Insert Sheet.

Insert Sheet command to insert new worksheet in excel

Thus, we get a new worksheet in our dataset.

New sheet appears using Insert Sheet command

Method 3: Using Shortcut Keys to Add New Worksheet in Excel

Press Alt + Shift shortcuts to add a new worksheet >> or press Shift + F11.

Shortcut keys to insert new worksheet in excel

Method 4: Worksheet Option in Insert Dialog Box

First, right-click on the existing sheet name >> tap Insert.

Worksheet option in insert option to insert new worksheet in excel

In the Insert dialog, tap on Worksheet >> OK.

Insert dialog box

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Method 5: Insert New Sheet Through Excel VBA in One Go

Example 1: Using VBA Code in Immediate Window

Initially, go to Developer tab >> Visual Basic.

Clicking visual basic in Developer tab for Immediate window

In the Visual Basic window, click View >> Immediate Window.

Clicking Immediate window in View tab

Now, type the following code in Immediate window and press Enter:

Sheets.Add Count:=5

Hence, 5 new worksheets appear as shown in the below image.

VBA code in Immediate window to insert new worksheet in excel

Example 2: Using VBA Code in Module

Select the headers >> go to Developer tab >> Visual Basic.

Selecting headers before going to Developer tab

Tap on Insert >> Module.

Module option in Insert tab

In the Module box, type the VBA code and click Run:

Sub Insert_New_Sheet()
    Dim rngSelection As Range
    Dim isExistingSheet As Boolean
    Set rngSelection = Selection
    For Each cell In rngSelection.Cells
        isExistingSheet = False
        For Each worksheetItem In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets
            If worksheetItem.Name = cell.Value Or cell.Value = "" Then
                isExistingSheet = True
            End If
        Next worksheetItem
        If Not (isExistingSheet) Then
            Sheets.Add.Name = cell.Value
        End If
    Next cell
End Sub

VBA code in Module box

Thus, we obtain 5 new sheets named according to the selected headers.

New worksheets appear with sheet names

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How to Rename a Worksheet in Excel

Double-click on the existing sheet name >> type the new name.

Renaming worksheet

How to Move a Worksheet in Excel

Right-click on the existing sheet Move >> tap Move or Copy.

Move or Copy option

In the Move or Copy dialog, click on (move to end) >> OK.

move to end option in Move or Copy dialog

As a result, the Move sheet moves to the end of the workbook.

Moving worksheet

How to Delete a Worksheet in Excel

Right-click on the sheet name you wish to remove >> click Delete.

Delete option in sheet tab

Things to Remember

  • A single workbook has the capacity to hold up to 255 worksheets.
  • All the methods for inserting a new worksheet in Excel position it to the left of the currently active worksheet except the New sheet method.
  • By default, a new Excel workbook includes a single worksheet, though earlier versions may have three.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many rows or columns are there in an Excel Worksheet?

An Excel worksheet has 16384 columns and 1048576 rows.

  • How to insert a new worksheet to the right in Excel?

The New sheet button or Plus icon is the easiest way to insert a new worksheet to the right side of the existing one.

Insert New Worksheet in Excel: Knowledge Hub


In conclusion, we have learned how to insert new worksheet in Excel. We have also discussed how to rename, move and delete a worksheet in Excel. Now, we can use the new worksheet for our projects. For further inquiries, let us know in the comment box. Thank you for your read.

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