How to Remove Formulas in Excel – 8 Easy Methods

A sample dataset is shown below.

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How to Remove Formulas in Excel – 8 Easy Methods

This dataset contains Product ID, Selling Price, Cost, and their corresponding Revenue in columns B, C, D, and E.

Dataset of revenue list

Whenever you select a cell in the Revenue column, you can see a subtraction formula in the Formula Bar.

each cell in column E got formula

Method 1 – Using the Home Tab on Ribbon to Remove Formulas


  • Select and copy the cells containing the formulas you want to delete.

selecting Column which contains formula and copying them

  • Go to Home > Paste > Paste Values.

Pasting as Values

  • The formula will be removed and values will remain.

formulas removed, only value remains

Method 2 – Utilizing the Paste Special Option to Remove Formulas and Keep Values


  • Select the cells and copy them like in Method 1.
  • Right-click the selected cells and select Paste Special.

selecting paste special option

  • In the Paste Special window, select Values. Click OK.

working on paste special dialog box

The formula will be removed.

Formula is removed from cell E5

Method 3 – Using Keyboard Shortcuts to Delete Formulas in Excel


  • Select and copy the cells using Ctrl+C.
  • Use:




  • You will see the values only.

Method 4 – Removing Formulas with the Right Key of the Mouse


  • Select the E5:E14 range that contains the formula.

selecting column with formulas

  • A four-headed arrow cursor will be displayed.

four head arrow

  • Hold the right key of the mouse and drag the selection to the right. Then, move it back to the left. Select Copy Here as Values Only.

selecting Copy Here as Values Only on context menu

The formula was removed.

Final output of removing formulas in Excel

Method 5 – Incorporating the Quick Access Toolbar to Remove Formulas in Excel


  • Click Customize Quick Access Toolbar.
  • Select More Commands.

customize quick access toolbar icon

  • Choose Paste Special and click Add
  • Click OK.

adding command in the quick access toolbar

  • Paste Special is added to the Toolbar.

new command added in the QAT

Method 6 – Using the Go To Dialog Box to Find Cells with Formulas 


  • Press CTRL+G in the active sheet. In Go To, select Special.

using keyboard shortcut to bring Go To Dialog box

  • In Go To Special, choose Formulas and click OK.

working on Go To Special dialog box

  • Cells containing formulas will be highlighted.

cells containing formulas are higlighted

  • Use a formula-removing method.

Method 7 – Applying a VBA Code to remove Formulas


  • Go to the Developer tab and click Visual Basic.

navigating to Developer tab

  • Click Insert >> Module.

inserting a new module

  • Enter the following code.
Sub Rmv_Formulas()
Dim rng_1 As Range
Dim cell_1 As Range
Set rng_1 = Selection
For Each cell_1 In rng_1
cell_1.Value = cell_1.Value
Next cell_1
End Sub

VBA Code to remove formulas in Excel

  • Save the file as a Macro-Enabled workbook.
  • In the VBA worksheet, select the range E5:E14 which contains formulas.
  • Go to the Developer tab and click Macros.

clicking on macros option

  • In the Macro dialog box, select the macro and click Run.

selecting macro on the Macro dialog box

Formulas were removed from the selected range.

formulas removed using VBA code

Method 8 – Delete Formulas from Multiple Sheets in Excel


  • Press SHIFT to group sheets. Sheets Multiple_1, Multiple_2, and Multiple_3 were grouped.

selecting multiple sheets at a time

  • Use any of the previous methods to remove formulas.

formulas removed from multiple sheets

  • After removing the formulas, ungroup sheets by clicking a sheet that is not in the group.

Practice Section

Practice in the sheet below.

practice section

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