How to Create a Sunburst Chart in Excel (With Detailed Steps)

Introduction to Sunburst Charts

A Sunburst chart is a powerful visualization tool for displaying hierarchical data in a circular format. It resembles the sun’s rays or the rings of a tree. Each ring of the chart represents a level in the hierarchy. Here’s what you need to know about Sunburst Charts:

Sunburst Chart in Excel

  • Purpose: Sunburst charts help visualize the proportionate distribution of data categories using color and size.
  • Hierarchy: The innermost circle represents the main categories, while outer segments represent subcategories or levels within those main categories.
  • Ordering: Data in a Sunburst chart is sorted from largest to smallest amount clockwise by default.
Overview of Sunburst Chart in Excel

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  • Data Preparation:
    • Ensure your data is organized hierarchically.
    • For example, consider term final results of students, where each student has scores distributed across different terms.
  • Calculate Total Students:
    • To find the total number of students combining all term final results, use the formula:

Calculating Totals of All Students

  • Remark on Performance:
    • Insert the following formula to remark on student performance:
    • Press Enter.

Remarking Exam Performances

  • Insert the Sunburst Chart:
    • Click on the Sunburst option under the Insert tab (available in Excel 2016 and later versions).
    • The Sunburst chart will appear in your worksheet.
Command Sequence to Generate Sunburst Chart in Excel

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  • Customize Appearance:
    • Go to the Chart Design tab and select your preferred design from the ribbon.
Changing the Sunburst Chart Style

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  • We created a Sunburst Chart quite easily.

Sunburst Chart in Excel

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Important Notes:

  • Selection:
    • Keep a cell selected inside the table while generating the Sunburst Chart.
    • If you don’t select the generated chart, the Chart Design tab won’t appear for design changes.
  • Manual Data Update:
    • If chart data doesn’t update automatically with underlying data changes, right-click on the chart and select Edit Data to redirect it manually.

Download Practice Workbook

You can download the practice workbook from here:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Difference Between Sunburst and Treemap Charts:
    • Both explain hierarchical patterns.
    • Sunburst: Central circle with concentric rings.
    • Treemap: Divides area into nested rectangles.
  2. Use of Sunburst Diagram in Excel:
    • Display hierarchical data relationships (e.g., population across cities, states, countries, continents).
    • Useful for analyzing industry firm details.
  3. Components of a Sunburst Chart:
    • Inner circle (main categories) surrounded by outer rings (subcategories).

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