Formatting Currency in Excel (Format, Change & Remove)

This is the sample dataset.

Format Number as Currency

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How to Format a Number as Currency in Excel

1. Use the Number Format Dropdown Menu

  • Select C5:C14 and go to the Home tab.
  • Click the number format dropdown and select Currency.

Convert Values to Currency

Format Number as Currency

2. Apply a Keyboard Shortcut

  • Select the C5:C14 and press Ctrl+Shift+4 .

Apply Keyboard Shortcut to Format Number as Currency

  • The format of the numbers will change to Currency.

Numbers Formatted to Number as Currency

3. Use the Right-Click Menu

  • Select the cells you want to convert into Currency format.
  • Right-click and select Format Cells.

Use Right-click Menu to Format Number as Currency

  • In the Format Cells box, select Currency and click a format of negative numbers.
  • Click OK.

Choose Negative Number Format

  • This is the output.

Numbers Formatted as Currency

How to Customize Currency Format in Excel

  • Select C5:C14 and press Ctrl+1 to open Format Cells.

Open Format Cells Options

  • Click Custom and choose a format. You can also enter your own custom formula in Type:.

Choose Custom Format

  • Click OK to see the output.

Customize Currency Format

How to Change the Currency Symbol in Excel

To change currency symbols in Excel:

  • Press Ctrl+1 after selecting C5:C14.

Open Format Cells Options

  • The Format Cells dialog box will open.
  • Click Symbol and select a symbol.

Select a Currency Symbol

Change Currency Symbol

How to Change the Default Currency Symbol in Windows Settings

  • Click the windows Start button and select Settings.

Open Windows Settings

  • Choose Time & Language.

Open Time & Language Settings

  • Select Region.

Click on Region

  • Click Additional date, time & regional settings.

Go to Additional Region Settings

  • Select Change date, time, or number formats to open the Region window.

Launch Region Settings

  • In the Region window, select a country in Format and click OK.

Change Region Format

  • Select C5 to C14 and click Number Format.

Click on Number Format Icon

  • Numbers will be converted to the default currency format based on your selected region.

Change Deafault Currency Settings

How to Remove the Currency Format in Excel

  • Select the cells.
  • Go to the Home tab and click the dropdown.
  • Select General.

Remove Currency Format

  • The currency format will be removed.

Currency Format Removed

Difference Between Accounting and Currency Format

The below table showcases the difference between Accounting and Currency Format in Excel.

Excel Currency Format Excel Accounting Format
Excel Currency format aligns the currency symbol before the cell value. Excel Accounting format aligns the currency symbol near the left edge of the cell.
Cell values alignment can be changed to left, right or center alignment. Alignment cannot be changed.
Zero value is displayed: 0.00 Zero value is displayed with a dash () sign.
Negative values can be shown with a negative sign, parenthesis, in red color etc. Negative values can be shown in parenthesis only.
No space between currency symbol and value. Extra spaces between currency symbol and value
Poor visibility Great visibility

Currency Format vs Accounting Format

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do you write currency in words?

Excel does not offer any built-in function to convert currency into words. It can be done by creating a user-defined function using a VBA code.

2. Can I apply different currency formats to different cells in the same column?

Yes. Select each cell individually and format it.

3. Can I apply conditional formatting based on currency values in Excel?

You can apply conditions based on currency symbols.

Things to Remember

  • Choose the appropriate number of decimal places based on the selected currency.
  • You can add the thousand separators to increase readability.

Currency Format in Excel: Knowledge Hub

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