Excel Picture Format: A Complete Guide

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In this article, we are going to explore how we can use Excel picture format feature to correct, resize, color, create an artistic style, make picture transparent, compress, reset, move, delete, and change style. Moreover, we will remove the background of images and show you how to handle multiple images.

Incorporating images in Excel through picture formatting to add visual dimension to your data. From inserting images to adjusting their size and effects, mastering these 12 techniques can elevate the clarity and impact of your spreadsheet.

Overview image of Excel Picture format


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Excel Picture Format: 12 Different Scenarios

In this section, we will delve into 12 different formatting scenarios of pictures in Excel. Using those scenarios you can easily understand how to format your own images to your own advantage.

All Picture format options

1. Making Correction to an Image

  • To get picture format, you have to select the image first in every case.

Selecting the image

  • Choose Picture Format option from the ribbon >> Correction.
  • Now, select any correction you want.

Choose Correction from Picture Format

2. Resizing an Image

  • After clicking on the image, you will see six white dot at six points of the image. Place the cursor on any dot and expand or shrink as you want.

Resizing the image

3. Coloring an Image

  • Choose Picture Format >> Color >> Select any color you want.

Choosing color from Picture format

  • After selecting desired color, we get the below image.

Image after changing color

4. Making an Image Artistic

You can add artistic effects to images using picture format.

  • Choose Picture Format >> Artistic Effects >> Select any effect.

Making image artistic using picture format

5. Making an Image Transparent

Sometimes we need to make any image transparent. Excel picture format has the facility to do this.

  • Choose Picture Format >> Transparency >> choose any level of transparency.

Making image transparent

6. Compressing Picture in Excel

  • Choose Picture Format >> Adjust >> Compress Pictures.

Compressing the selected image

  • Now, select any of the options from the Resolution section and press OK.

Selecting options from Resolution

  • After compressing, we get the image below.

Resulted image after compressing


8. Resetting Picture in Excel

  • Select Picture Format >> Adjust >> Reset Pictures >> select desired option to reset.

 Resetting the picture

Here, we have two options and select any of the options from the list.

9. Move and Delete the Picture

  • Select the image and drag the cursor to move it anywhere.
  • To delete, select the image and press Delete.

Move oe delete image

10. Changing the Background of the Image

  • Choose Picture Format >> Adjust >> Remove Background.

Removing background

  • You can see the background is gone from the below image.

Picture after removing the background

11. Change Picture Style

  • Choose Picture Format >> Quick Styles >> Select any styles.

Changing Picture style

12. Move the Image to the Front or Back

If we have multiple images, we can move desired image front or back.

  • After right-clicking on the image select Send to Back option from the Context Menu.

Moving and deleting image

  • You see that the image of car has gone behind.

Picture after Send to Back the car image

  • Again, right-click on the image and select Bring to Front.

Bring to front the car image

  • You will see the image has come forth.

Resultant picture after bringing to front car image

How to Change Picture in Excel

  • Select Picture Format >> Adjust >> Change Picture.

Changing pictures

There are multiple source options available.

How to Insert Picture in Excel Worksheet

  • Choose Insert >> Illustration >> Pictures.

Inserting Picture.

  • Choose any source.
  • We have selected the image from This device.

After inserting picture from this device

How to Handle Multiple Images in Excel

  • Press Ctrl + select two images.
  • Select any type of picture formatting.
  • We have demonstrated color formatting.

Add color to multiple images

How to Lock Pictures with Cells in Excel

  • Right-click on Image >> choose Format Picture option from the Context Menu.
  • Now choose Size and Properties >> select Move and size with cells.

Locking Image in the cell

Things to Remember

  • Use high-resolution images to maintain clarity and sharpness when resizing or printing pictures within your Excel sheet.
  • Excel supports various image formats, such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, and BMP. Choose a format that suits your needs while considering compatibility and file size.
  • Adjust print settings in the Page Setup menu to ensure pictures appear correctly when printing, and consider using the Fit to options for optimal sizing.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How can I move a picture to a specific location within the worksheet?
You can move a picture by clicking and dragging it to the desired location within the worksheet. Alternatively, you can cut and paste the picture to move it.

2. Is it possible to apply filters or effects to pictures in Excel?
Yes, Excel allows you to apply basic filters and effects to pictures. Right-click on the picture, select Format Picture, and explore the available options under the Picture Effects tab.

3. Can I link a picture to a website or another file in Excel?
Yes, you can hyperlink a picture to a website or another file. Right-click the picture, choose Hyperlink, and then enter the URL or file path you want to link to.

4. How can I maintain picture quality when printing an Excel worksheet?
To maintain picture quality when printing, ensure that you use high-resolution images and adjust the print settings for optimal image output. You can also adjust the scaling options in the Page Setup menu.


In conclusion, Excel picture format feature offers flexibility and enhances the visual appeal of your spreadsheets. Whether it’s inserting JPEGs, PNGs, or other image formats, these additions can effectively convey information and make data more engaging for viewers. By leveraging Excel’s formatting tools, you can seamlessly adjust images, apply filters, and maintain a cohesive design, ultimately improving the overall clarity and impact of your data presentations.

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