How to Insert Picture into Excel Cell (3 Methods)

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3 Methods to Insert a Picture into Excel Cell

Method 1 – Copy-Paste Method to Insert a Picture into an Excel Cell

  • Copy the picture from the other applications by selecting it and pressing Ctrl + C.

Copy Paste Method to Insert Picture into an Excel Cell

  • Paste it to the Excel spreadsheet by pressing Ctrl + V.

Copy Paste Method to Insert Picture into an Excel Cell

  • Make the cell bigger so that the picture can fit.
  • Resize the picture and right-click on it.
  • Select Format Picture from the Context Menu options.

  • A dialog box opens on the right side of the sheet. From the Size & Properties part, select Properties and check Move and size with cells.

  • We can copy or move the cell now, and the picture will remain the same size as the cell.

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Method 2 – Insert a Picture from the Computer into an Excel Cell

  • Go to the Insert tab.
  • From the Illustration drop-down, select Picture and choose This Device.

Insert Picture From The Computer into Excel Cell

  • The Insert Picture dialog box opens.
  • Select the required picture and Click on Insert. You can also select multiple pictures by holding the Ctrl key while selecting.

  • We can see the selected picture in the worksheet.

Insert Picture From The Computer into Excel Cell

  • Resize the picture and fit it into the cell as shown in Method 1.

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Method 3 – Insert an Online Picture into an Excel Cell

  • Select the Insert tab from the ribbon.
  • Go to Illustrations, then to Pictures, and select Online Picture.

Insert Picture from Online into Excel Cell

  • An Online Pictures window pops up.
  • Search for the picture you want to insert via the search bar. It uses Microsoft Bing image search.
  • You can also insert from OneDrive by clicking on it. You must Sign In to a Microsoft Account for that.

  • In the search box, write down the name or a keyword and select the picture you want to use.
  • You can select multiple pictures. The selected images will have a checkmark on the top-right.
  • Check the image’s copyright status to make sure you can use it legally.
  • Click on Insert.

Insert Picture from Online into Excel Cell

  • The picture will be downloaded, and you’ll see a progress bar.

  • After completing the download, resize the image to fit the cell as in Method 1.

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  1. how we can insert multiple photos in one rows or columns me 20 photo or more

    • Reply Avatar photo
      Naimul Hasan Arif Jan 18, 2024 at 11:44 AM

      Hello AB,
      Thanks for your response. We can certainly insert multiple photos in one row or column in a simple way. Just follow the following steps:

      1. Select your data in ascending order as the images will be inserted in the ascending order. For this, go to:
        Select data > Home tab > Sort & Filter feature > Sort A to Z.
      2. Now, go to Page Layout mode from the View tab and set the cell height and width.
      3. Select the first cell where you want to insert the first image.
      4. To insert multiple images, go to the Insert tab > Picutres feature > Place over Cells option > This Device…

      5. Right-click on the mouse and select Size and Properties…
      6. Uncheck the Lock aspect ratio option.
      7. Adjust the image size according to the cell size.
      8. Set the last image manually.
      9. Now, select the rest images and align left from Picture Format.
      10. Now. distribute the images in a column with Distribute Vertically.

      Thus, you will have all the images in a single column.

      Similarly, you cam insert multiple photos in a single row.

      Let me know if this is helpful for you or not.

      Naimul Hasan Arif

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