How to Create Radar Chart with Radial Lines in Excel

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In this article, we are going to represent our data with a Radar Chart with Radial lines in Excel to compare our goal vs our achievement meaning overall performance analysis and concentration  of different action in different different variables. Radar chart also known as Spider chart, Web or Polar chart has the same origin and compares two or more data. Here is a simple example of a Radar Chart where the sales quantity of different products are analyzed over a certain period.

Overview of Excel Radar Chart to Analyze Data

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You may download the following workbook to practice yourself.

What Is a Radar Chart and Why Is It Necessary?

If you want to run a business to find out which month which product you have sold the most in which month and compare your customer satisfaction to the fullest to achieve satisfaction and make decisions according to it, a Radar chart can easily assess the situation for you.

2 Practical Examples to Create and Explain Radar Chart with Radial Lines

First we are going to see sales of different products in different months to decide in which month which electronic product sales happen more. Then we will deal with data from the Customer service company.

1.  Sales Analysis Using Excel Radar Chart with Radial Lines

In this article, we are going to create Radar Chart monthly sales of different electronic products so that we can find out which product is sold more in which months.


  • First, we have to create the Sales data of Products of different months. Here we have created data about Computer, Mobile, Laptop in four different months.

Data Table of Sales Over Period

  • After that, we will select Insert >> Charts >> Radar Chart with Markers.

Selecting Radar Chart with Marked

  • Then, we will get a blank chart and right-click on it. After that, we will select data.

Selecting Data from Blank chart

  • And then, the Select Data Source dialog box will appear. We are going to add Legend Entries. Select Add from the Legend Entries (Series)

Add Legend Entries for Excel Radar Chart

  • Consequently, another dialog box will show up. We will give the series name Computer Sales and select the data from Sales Qty. Here, the range for the Sales Quantity is D5:D8. Then we will Press Ok.

Editing Series name and selecting Series Values

  • Thereafter, we select the Edit options from the Horizontal axis Label.

Editing Horizontal Column for months

  • Then, we select the month name from the Month.

Selecting Month Chart to Label axes

  • Finally, we get the Radar chart without Radial Lines.

Finally getting the chart

  • Now, we will perform the same operation above with Mobile and Laptop from Data Table. Finally we will get the chart.

Finally getting the graph for four months

  • Then, you can select different colors of your choice to make it look better.

Selecting favorable color schemes

  • After that, select the Plus icon at the top right corner of the chart.
  • Thereafter, select Axes >> More Options.

Selecting More Options in Axes

  • Then according to the picture below, we select Solid lines to get Radial lines.

Selecting Solid Lines to create Radial Lines

  • Finally, we will get the chart with Radial Lines and now we are going to title the chart Analyzing Sales Over Period.

Finally creating Radar Chart with Radial Lines

  • Here we can see that in January Computer Sales are High but in February Laptop Sales are high. And Finally in April Mobile Sales are high.

By following the above steps, you can create your own custom Radar Chart with Radial Lines  and analyze your own data to find which trend is higher or not.

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2. Candidates Performance Analysis with Radar Chart

In this example we are going to analyze performance data of candidates with expectation to find out if he or she is fit for the job.


  • First, we will create the data table. Here the dataset is about the candidate’s qualification and achievement.

Data for performance analysis

  • Following the steps of Example 1, we can create a Radial Chart with Radial Lines using this dataset. Just select the range B4:D11 and create the Radar Chart. After that, format the chart to get the radial lines.

Performance analysis Radial chart with Radial lines

  • Here, we can see the candidate has more Passion than Pointlessness and better Product Experience. We can compare other qualifications too by this single chart.

Above these examples we are going to compare the optimum level to candidates performance for hiring purposes.

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How to Create Radar Chart with Radial Lines and Filled Background in Excel

In this section we are going to fill the Background of a Radial Chart. Let’s take our first example where we analyzed the sales over a certain period. Here we will see both marked and filled Radial Chart overlapping.


  • First, we have to select the chart we have created from Example 1.
  • After that, we will copy the chart.
  • Then we will select Insert >> Radar >> Filled Radar.

Creating Excel Radar Chart with radial lines using fill

  • Now, we are going to overlap the previous Radar Chart with Markers of Example 1 and Filled Radar Chart. So we copy the previously created Radar Chart by pressing ctrl+C on it and paste it on the Filled Radar Chart by pressing ctrl+V on it.

Overlapping Two types of Chart

  • After that, let’s select an area of the chart.

Selecting individual dataset for Excel Radar Chart with Radial Lines

  • Thereafter, we select the Filled Radar Chart.

Selecting again Radar Chart Filled

  • After doing this for three areas, we will get a distinct Filled Radar Chart with a Marked Radar Chart.

Excel Radar chart with radial Lines and Filled background

At the end of it you will get the beautiful Radial Chart with Radial lines filled.

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At the end of this article, you can create your own custom data and Radar Chart with Radial Lines and analyze the concentration and performance of your own variable. If you have any questions and feedback,please note them in the comment section. For enhancing your knowledge about excel please go to to become an Excel master.

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