How to Convert Hours to Decimal in Excel (3 Easy Methods)

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A lot of times, we work with Time in Excel worksheets. The input of office entry time, exit time, and calculating working duration in a specific format are essential in many companies. Excel can help us easily in this respect. Excel provides various Time Formats. We only need to choose our desired format for the time inputs and the time unit for the duration count. In this article, we’ll show you the easy and effective methods to convert Hours to Decimal in Excel.

How to Convert Hours to Decimal in Excel: 3 Easy Methods

We know, there are 2 Time Formats in practice, 12-hour and 24-hour formats. In our article, we’ll use the 12-hour formats with AM / PM. To illustrate, we’ll use a sample dataset as an example. For instance, the following dataset represents the Time in 12-hour formats. Here, we’ll transform the input time into hours with decimals.

convert hours to decimal in excel

1. Convert Hours to Decimal in Excel with Simple Formula

In our first method, we’ll use a simple formula. We know that a day completes in 24 hours. Here, we’ll use this fact. Therefore, follow the steps below to perform the task.


  • First, select cell C5. Here, type the formula:
  • Then, press Enter. Thus, it’ll return the calculation.
  • After that, use the AutoFill tool to complete the rest of the series.

Convert Hours to Decimal in Excel with Simple Formula

  • Now, select the range C5:C8 for converting them to decimal.

Convert Hours to Decimal in Excel with Simple Formula

  • Next, press the keys Ctrl and 1 at the same time.
  • As a result, the Format Cells dialog box will pop out.
  • There, select Number in the Category section under the Number tab.

  • Subsequently, press OK.
  • Finally, you’ll get to see the desired output which is hours with decimals. Observe the below image for a clear understanding.

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2. Combine HOUR, MINUTE & SECOND Functions for Transforming Hours

Moreover, Excel provides some Time Functions by default that are helpful. The HOUR function gives a number as an hour (0 to 23), the MINUTE function will return a number as minutes (0 to 59), and the SECOND function yields a number as seconds (0 to 59). So, learn the following steps carefully to Convert Hours to Decimal in Excel.


  • Firstly, choose the cell C5 to type the formula:
  • Afterward, it’ll return the computed value after pressing Enter.
  • Consequently, use the AutoFill tool for filling the rest.
  • Thus, you’ll get the outcome as shown in the following picture.

Combine HOUR, MINUTE & SECOND Functions for Transforming Hours

NOTE: Here, we need to convert every part of B5 to Hours. That’s why we divide the Minute Part of B5 by 60 (1 Hour = 60 Minutes) and the Second Part of B5 by 3600 (1 Hour = 3600 Seconds). And, the Hour Part remains as it is.

  • Then, select the range C5:C9.
  • To get the Format Cells dialog box, press Ctrl and 1 simultaneously.
  • In the pop-out dialog box, choose Number Category.

Combine HOUR, MINUTE & SECOND Functions for Transforming Hours

  • Lastly, press OK to return the correct Time in Decimal format.

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3. Use Excel CONVERT Function for Changing Hours to Decimal

Additionally, we can insert the CONVERT function in Excel to carry out our operation. This function can transform any number from one measurement system to another. It requires a number to convert and the measurement systems in its argument section. Hence, follow the below process for changing Hours to Decimal.


  • Select cell C5 at first.
  • Now, type the formula:
  • Next, press Enter. You’ll see the precise value.
  • At last, use the AutoFill to complete the list.
  • As a result, it’ll return all the Time in Hours with decimal.

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Henceforth, you will be able to Convert Hours to Decimal in Excel following the above-described methods. Keep using them and let us know if you have more ways to do the task. Don’t forget to drop comments, suggestions, or queries if you have any in the comment section below.

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