How to Apply Retrospect Theme in Excel

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Everyone is a fan of beauty. We admire the beautiful things. We even try to beautify our workbook. There are so many themes built-in Microsoft Excel to decorate the Work Sheet. One of the built-in themes is Retrospect theme. We can apply the Retrospect Theme for the decoration of our Work Sheet. In this article, we are going to discuss as simply as possible for the learners on how to apply the Retrospect Theme in Excel.

Basics of Retrospect Theme

Retrospect Theme is actually a template that provides a general design with coordinating Fonts, effects and Colors. We can apply a specified pattern instead of applying it separately. But it is not in restricted mode. We can modify the theme colors, fonts and effects even after applying the theme.  For further use in the future, we can even keep the modified theme saved.

Process to Apply Retrospect Theme in Excel

We can apply the Retrospect Theme maintaining the following procedure:

  • First of all, select all the cells where the Retrospect Theme will be applied. Here, I selected cells from B2 to D10.
  • Go to Page Layout.
  • Now, click on Themes from the Ribbon.

How to Apply Retrospect Theme in Excel

  • Pick the Retrospect Theme from the available option.

Now, we have the applied theme dataset.

How to Apply Retrospect Theme in Excel

Ways to Apply Custom Colors, Fonts for Retrospect Theme

After applying the Retrospect theme we can apply our custom colors or fonts. To make further edits after the theme choice we can adjust it from the ribbon.

We can change colors by clicking on Colors and selecting a pattern. You can further customize your colors. For this, click on Customize Colors.

How to Apply Retrospect Theme in Excel

You can also change the font similarly from the Fonts option.

After customizing with your choices. You can save the customized theme. For this, go to Theme and then click on Save Current Theme. Now, if you open the file later you will still find the theme.

How to Apply Retrospect Theme in Excel

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In this article, we have tried to explain in simple words on how to apply the Retrospect Theme in Excel. I hope it will be helpful for all. For any further questions, comment below.

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