How to Change Theme Font in Excel (2 Easy Ways)

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Sometimes, we don’t like our default theme font in Excel. Excel gives us a platform where we change the theme font and at the time, we can customize the theme font. We have several in-build theme fonts from there we can choose any of them. This article will focus on how to change the theme font in Excel. I hope you enjoy the article and gain some valuable knowledge.

When it comes to dealing with theme font, Excel gives us numerous options through which we can change our theme font. But we can also customize the theme font by changing the heading font and body font together.

1. Changing Theme Font by Using Built-in Fonts in Excel

We can change the in-build font. By default, the office will give you Calibri font. You can change it to a different font. We take a dataset that includes some donor IDs, types, and amounts

Change Theme Font in Excel

To change the build-in theme font, you need to follow the following steps carefully.


  • First, go to the Page Layout in the ribbon.
  • Next, select the Fonts option from the Themes group.

Change Theme Font in Excel

  • In the Font option, we have found several Font options.

Change Theme Font in Excel

  • By default, the theme Font is Calibri.
  • Now, if you want to change it, you can do it from the list.
  • We want to set the theme font Arial.
  • Then, we need to select it from the theme Font list.

  • When we select the Arial theme Font, we will see our dataset font changing from Calibri to Arial. See the screenshot.

Change Theme Font in Excel

  • Now, if you don’t like Calibri and Arial font, you have more options to choose from in the theme Font list.
  • You can select Corbel from the theme Font list.

  • Corbel Font will give you a new Font appearance compared to the other two. See the screenshot.

  • Another popular theme Font we use in our day-to-day life is probably Arial-Times New Roman.
  • You can also get the Arial-Times New Roman in the theme Font list.

Change Theme Font in Excel

  • It will change your theme Font in a different manner. See the screenshot.

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2. Customizing Excel Theme Fonts to Change Them

We have discussed how to change the build-in theme Font. But we can customize the theme Font. The build-in Font provides the same Heading font and Body font whereas, in the customized theme font, we can set the different fonts in the Heading font and Body Font. We can have a better appearance in the customized theme font. To set the Customize Font, you need to follow the following steps carefully.


  • First, go to the Page layout in the ribbon.
  • In the Themes group, select Fonts.

  • In the Fonts options, select Customize Fonts.

Change Theme Font in Excel

  • Create New Theme Fonts dialog box will pop up.
  • Here, we can change the Heading font and Body font.
  • There is a sample section where you will find the sample after changing fonts.

  • We set the Heading font as Calibri.
  • Set the Body font as Times New Roman.
  • See the Sample after changing the fonts.
  • You can change the name of your customized theme fonts.
  • Finally, click on Save.

Change Theme Font in Excel

  • That will provide you with the following appearance. See the screenshot.

  • Now, if you think, you can customize the theme font in a whole different way. Then, again go to the page layout
  • From the Themes group, select the Fonts.
  • Then, in the Fonts option, select Customize Fonts.
  • Now, Change the Heading font and the Body font.
  • We take Ariel as the Heading font.
  • We set Corbel as the Body font.
  • Next, set the Name.
  • Finally, click on Save.

Change Theme Font in Excel

  • It will provide a different outlook compared to the previous customized theme font.

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We have shown two different ways to change the theme font. In those two ways, you can set several more theme fonts. Here, we have also discussed how to customize your theme font which is very useful in some cases. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment box.

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