How to Change Excel Theme to Black (with Easy Steps)

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Usually, an Excel file contains a default theme, we do not need to set the theme on our own. The built-in theme is a Colorful one. But with the passage of time, the trend of the dark or black themes has become very popular. This article will discuss how to change the Excel theme to black step by step.

We will discuss the full process step by step on how to change the theme to black. Learn and execute them!

Step 1: Changing the Microsoft Office Theme to Black

First, we will change the Microsoft Office Theme. For that,

  • Click on the File tab first.

  • Then from the menu, select the Account option.
  • On the right side, we see a section named Office Theme.
  • Choose the Black option from that section. You may also try the Dark Gray as the theme.

Change the Microsoft Office Theme in Excel

  • Now, see how windows look in both cases.

Black Theme will look like this. 👇

Change the Microsoft Office Theme in Excel

Dark Gray Theme will look like this. 👇

  • Now, see how the worksheet looks when the black theme is selected.

Change the Microsoft Office Theme in Excel

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Step 2: Changing Excel Worksheet’s Background

From the last image, we notice that the Tabs and Commands section color changed to black. But there is no change in the body of the worksheet. If you want to make a change here too,

  • Go to the Page Layout tab first.
  • Then choose the Background option from the Page Setup group.

Change Worksheet’s Background in Excel

  • The Insert Pictures window will appear.
  • Click on the From a file option.

Change Worksheet’s Background in Excel

  • Choose a file from the File Explorer.
  • Then, press the Insert button.

  • Now, look at the worksheet.

Change Worksheet’s Background in Excel

Well! The worksheet looks horrible and we cannot read anything! Okay, we will work on that in the third step. 👇

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Step 3: Changing the Font Color

Now, we need to change the font color visibility. From the last image, we can not see most of the data. As the background is dark, we should use bright color for the font.

  • Select Cells B4 to D8.
  • We get the Font Color option from the Home of Font group.
  • Choose a bright color from the Font Color option.

Change the Font Color in Excel

  • Look at the worksheet now.

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In this article, we described the steps to change the Excel theme to black. The Tabs and Commands section and the body of the worksheet both are changed to make black the whole Excel file.

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