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A theme is defined by font, color, and effects. The theme enhances the readability of the dataset. Excel, by default, contains different types of themes. But Excel does not have a feathered theme by default. The feathered theme is soothing and enhances readability and visibility. In this article, we will learn how to add a missing feathered theme in Excel. So, let’s start.

The overview image shows the output of this process. Follow the below article to get more clarity and proper information about adding the missing feathered theme.

What Is a Feathered Theme in Excel?

In Excel, the theme defines the font, color, and effects of the dataset. A feathered theme is based on feathers that give a soothing visualization and better readability. You can get different types of feathered themes according to your preference. But there is no feathered theme in Excel by default. You have to download and then add the feathered theme to the Excel workbook.

Reason Behind the Feathered Theme Missing in Excel

Excel provides many themes to improve the visualization of the dataset, but the feathered theme is missing as this theme is not added by default, irrespective of any Excel versions. Excel’s default theme is The Office theme. You can add the feathered theme and make this theme the default theme after going through the entire article. This theme is added to the Microsoft 365 version. You can apply this procedure to any of the Excel versions available.

Excel Feathered Theme Missing: Step-by-Step Procedure to Add It

This dataset represents sales and profit for different companies over the year. Here, we used the Office theme to create this dataset. But if we add the missing Feathered theme, then we will get better visibility and readability as well. The below steps will show you how to add the missing feathered theme in Excel.

Dataset of adding missing feathered theme in Excel

Step-1: Download the Feathered Theme

Usually, any feathered theme is missing in Excel. This theme is not added by default. You can go to Page Layout >> Theme (Drop Down Menu) from the Toolbar to check if there is any feathered theme or if the theme is missing.

Checking if feathered theme is missing in Excel

  • If the theme is missing, then download any feathered theme and open the file with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Opening feathered theme in PowerPoint.

Step-2: Save the Feathered Theme in Microsoft PowerPoint

Here we will save the theme in Microsoft PowerPoint by applying the below steps.

  • Initially, select Design Tab and click on the drop-down menu.
  • Now select Save Current Theme to save the theme.

Save feathered theme in microsoft powerpoint

  • Therefore, the Save Current Theme dialog box will pop up.
  • Select the Theme and click on Save to get the theme available.

Save the theme

Step-3: Add the Feathered Theme in Excel

Here we will add the downloaded feathered theme in Excel. Follow the steps below to add the feathered theme.

  • Select  Page Layout >> Theme (Drop Down Menu) >> Browse For Themes from the Toolbar.

Add feathered theme in Excel

  • Consequently, the Choose Theme or Themed Document dialog box will pop up, and select Feathered Theme to add this theme.

Selecting the theme file

  • Finally, the downloaded feathered theme will be added in the Custom section of the theme.

The feathered theme is added

  • Afterward, select Save Current Theme and save the feathered theme to add this theme permanently and use it later.

Save the theme in Excel (1)

Step-4: The Final Output After Adding Missing Theme in Excel

Once you save the theme, this missing feathered theme will be available in Excel for use.

The final result

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How to Customize Theme in Excel

Sometimes, for better readability, you can customize the existing theme by modifying the font, effects, or color from the toolbar.

Customizing theme

Once you change the effects in the theme, the outline of the dataset will change, and you will get a more presentable dataset than the previous one, as below.

Final result after customizing theme

Things to Remember

  • You cannot change the selected theme for individual sheets. You need to change themes for the entire Wordbook.
  • If you download any theme that supports any applications of Microsoft Office then that theme will support Excel.
  • Unless you save the edited theme you cannot use the theme later.

Download Practice Workbook

You can find the practice sheet here.


In this article, we learned how to add a missing feathered theme in Excel. Excel does not add a feathered theme by default. So, usually, this type of theme is missing. Here we added the feathered theme by applying proper and detailed steps. Hopefully, you can solve the problem shown in this article. Please let us know in the comment section if there are any queries or suggestions.

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