[Solved!] Excel Themes Option Is Not Working (5 Easy Fixes)

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Excel Themes offer a professional look to your spreadsheets, allowing you to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your data. Problems with Excel themes not working can arise due to file corruption, compatibility problems, or conflicts with custom settings. In this article, I am sharing some solutions with Excel themes not working.

In the following, you will find an overview of Excel themes not working.

Overview of Excel themes not working

Excel Themes Option Is Not Working: 5 Easy Fixes

When facing the frustrating issue of Excel themes not working, it’s essential to find effective solutions. In the following, I have shared 5 easy ways to solve Excel themes not working.

1. Unprotect Sheet

If you have your worksheet protected with a password then you will find the Themes option greyed out just like the below image.

Getting greyed out Themes option from the Page Layout tab

  • Simply, select the sheet and click the Unprotect Sheet option from the Advanced options.

Selecting Unprotected Sheet from the Advanced options

  • Hence, write your desired password and click OK.

Providing password to unprotect and hitting OK

  • Now, visit the Page Layout option and choose your desired Themes from the List.

Choosing a theme from the Page Layout tab

  • As a result, you will see the themes are working properly.

Final output with solving Excel themes not working

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2. Remove Conditional Formatting

If cells from your data table are filled with conditional formatting then the change of themes won’t affect the conditional formatting color.

Using Conditional formatting over Excel themes

  • In order to check, click the Themes option, and choose a theme from the Page Layout tab.

Selecting a theme from the Page Layout tab

  • Select Clear Rules from Selected Cells from the Home tab to remove conditional formatted data bars from the cells.

Selecting Clear Rules to clear conditional formatting from the chosen cells

  • Thus, the themes will work properly for the chosen cells solving Excel themes not working problem.

Final result with solving Excel themes not working

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3. Repair Corrupted File

Due to sudden system shutdown and malware attacks sometimes your Excel file gets corrupted. In those situations, you might face problems with your Excel themes. Simply, you can open your Excel file in safe mode. If you cannot open the Excel file in safe mode then you can try repairing the file.

  • Simply, go to the Settings option from the Windows options.

Choosing Settings option from the Windows icon

  • Next, choose Advanced Options from Microsoft 365 (Office).

Choosing Advanced options for the Microsoft 365

  • Finally, click the Repair option to repair your Excel file.

Clicking Repair to repair Excel file

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4. Update Your Excel

Sometimes updating your Excel can resolve problems with your Excel themes. Updating Excel brings several benefits like bug fixes, security patches, and feature enhancements. By default, Excel will notify you if updates are available and give you the option to download and install them. Otherwise, you can visit the Update Option feature from the File tab to download the upgraded version manually.

Selecting Update Now to update Excel app

5. Contact with Microsoft Support Team

Lastly, if the above suggestions fail to solve your problem then maybe the problem is very specific. So then you can directly contact the Microsoft Support team. Microsoft offers various support options like phone, chat, and online resources depending on your location and the specific version of Excel you are using. Another valuable resource is the Microsoft Community, where users and Microsoft experts share knowledge and help each other with technical issues.

Things to Remember

Before attempting any fixes or modifications, make sure to create a backup of your Excel files. This ensures that you have a copy of the original data in case any unintended changes occur during the troubleshooting process.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are the colors in my theme not displaying correctly?

If the colors in your themes not displaying correctly ensure that your monitor is calibrated correctly and that color profiles are accurate.

2. How can I troubleshoot Excel themes not working after updating Excel?

You can try resetting your Excel settings to their default values by going to the File tab, selecting Options, and choosing Reset All Excel Settings.

3. Why do my Excel themes not transfer correctly when sharing files with others?

If you share a workbook with someone using a different version of Excel that lacks support for certain theme features will not work. Make sure both parties are using compatible versions of Excel.

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In conclusion, with proper utilization of the above tricks you can easily get rid of the Excel themes problem. Lastly, you can seek support from Microsoft Community to solve your problem. Take a tour of the practice workbook and download the file to practice by yourself. Please inform us in the comment section about your experience. We, the Exceldemy team, are always responsive to your queries. Stay tuned and keep learning.

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