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  1. Dear FODAY,

    Thank you for your response. As per your query-

    1. You can create a Pie Chart to visualize the sales from the “Insert” option.

    Imagine a dataset with multiple Bakery Products and their Total Sales. Now we will create a pie chart using the information from the dataset.

    First, select the products and total sales column and then press “Recommended Chart” from the “Insert” option.

    Second, from the new dialog box choose “Pie Chart” and press OK to continue.

    Finally, within a moment your final pie chart will be in your hands showing sales of multiple products.

    2. As per your second query-
    We will use the IF function to calculate the “10%” discount price if the sales of cake is more than 100.
    To do that choose a cell (G5) and write the following formula down-


    Hence, hit Enter and the final output will be in your hands.

    3. Now coming to the last query you wanted to use the data validation for ladies with only 5 letters in their name. Well, below I have shared the simplest solution.
    Suppose we have a dataset with some Lady Names. Now we will use data validation for the name list.

    First, selecting the names from the list click the “Data Validation” option from the “Data” feature.

    Second, click “Settings” and choose criterias according to the screenshot and press OK to continue.

    Finally, we have applied data validation over the name list. To check try editing any names not fulfilling the condition and you will get a notification about “This Value doesn’t match the data validation restrictions defined for this cell.

  2. Dear AJ,

    Thank you for your response.
    There are a few potential issues that could prevent this code from working properly-

    1. Make sure that the worksheet module contains the correct event handlers. To do this, right-click on the worksheet tab in Excel and select “View Code”. Then, make sure that you have pasted the code into the correct module, which should be named something like “Sheet1 (Sheet1)”.

    2. Check that the password used to protect and unprotect the workbook is correct and does not contain any typos. In this case, the password is set to “”123″”, but you can change this to any other password of your choice.

    3. Ensure that the workbook is not already protected by another password. If the workbook is already protected, you may need to unprotect it first before running this code.

    If none of the above solutions work, you may need to provide more context or information about the specific error message or issue you are encountering when trying to run this code.

    Wasim Akram
    Exceldemy Team

  3. Dear Yogiraj,

    Thank you for your comment.

    You are absolutely right about your opinion regarding its use.

    By creating equation from data points you can also see the difference between the plotted and actual data points.


  4. Dear TAYFOON,

    Thank you for your response.

    If you want to see the arguments as “RETAILPRICE(Price1,Price2,Divisor)”.
    Then follow the instructions below-

    1) In the module Place the following code-

    Public Function RETAILPRICE(Price1, Price2, Divisor) RETAILPRICE = (Price1 + Price2) / Divisor End Function

    2) Then go to your worksheet and type “=RETAILPRICE(” and after that press Ctrl+Shift+A to get the arguments just as you want.

    Hope you found your solution. Thanks!

  5. Dear MIKE WELLS,
    Thanks for your response.

    There are several reasons behind this “Source Validates to an error” occurring. You can solve them efficiently providing the correct data inside the string.

    Reason: The source validates that an error can occur if the source to which the formula is applied demonstrates an error. Thus the final statement stands to whether the formula is not correct or the formula refers to data returning an error.

    Solve: To solve this problem, you have to provide correct data or change the formula.
    From our dataset, suppose we are having trouble with the “Source Validates to an error“. This error is occurring due to the blank cell (E4). As the INDIRECT function converts a string into an actual reference thus finding the reference cell (E4) blank it’s showing an error. Check the following screenshot.

    In order to solve this just put the same text from the list in the reference cell and you won’t find any more errors further.

    Other reasons behind this “Source Validates to an error” might happen-
    a) The applied formula is not the proper formula to find the references.
    b) Put exact names from the list to the reference list to avoid errors.

    Hope you will find your solution with this reply. If you are still having problems, don’t hesitate to let us know below. We are always here with you to solve your problems. Thanks!

  6. Dear FLEET,

    Thank you for your response.

    The answer for the intersection of “Laptop” and “China” will be “$63,800”.
    The SUMPRODUCT function returns the sum of an array from an argument. With the intersection between “China” and Laptop” within the cell range we got two outputs which are “$56,000” and “$7,800”. Thus summing the total value with the SUMPRODUCT function stands to “$63,800”.

    You can check the screenshot below.

    We have also attached a worksheet with our article. You can practice the formula there, too. Thanks!

  7. Dear SWAROOP,
    A syntax error occurs due to misspelling or missing code. Mostly, due to not specifying the condition and not putting closing brackets. You can check the VBA editor which will help you identify the problems. You can try applying the code in a new worksheet to find your solution.

    In addition, if you are applying VBA code with your own workbook data, don’t forget to change the ranges. Check the below screenshot. Thanks!

    In order to enter your own workbook value into the code, you need to change the ranges inside the code. Check the following screenshot. Thanks!

  9. Dear RUBY,
    Here is the solution you are looking for.
    Suppose you have a dataset with conditional formatting applied in the list.

    First, select all the cells (C2:C11) from the column and click the “Filter” option from the “Data” ribbon.

    Now press the “Filter icon and choose “Filter by Color”. Hence choose your cell color.

    Thereafter, you will get to see only the cells with the selected colors. Let’s calculate the total sum now. To do so, choose a cell (C13) and writhe the following formula down-

    Finally, you will get the sum value for the colored cells only.

    If you are still facing problems then you can read this article – How to Sum Colored Cells in Excel


  10. Dear Jamil,
    Using conditional formatting you can search for a specific text and color them according to your choice. Follow the instructions below.

    Suppose we have a dataset of some countries’ names in cells (B3:E9). Now we are going to color a specific text (United States) from the list.

    First, select all the cells and click the “Text that contains” option from the “Conditional Formatting” feature.

    Second, put your desired text and choose a color of your choice. Gently, press OK.

    Finally, we have successfully highlighted a certain text from the list.

    Hope you got the solution you are looking for. If you still having problems then check the link below. Thanks!
    Highlight Cells Based on Text

    The output you are looking for can be achieved using the COUNT function in excel. Here the COUNT function counts the cell number given in the string.
    Apply the following formula-

    You can check the screenshot below-
    First, select a cell (E3) to apply the formula.

    Second, press Enter to get the desired output.

    Hope you got your solution. If you still didn’t get it, check out the article below-
    The Different Ways of Counting

  12. Dear DON_1234567,
    You can use the simple subtraction formula to calculate the difference between two times.
    You can use the formula below-
    Check out the screenshot below-

    If you are still not getting the result. Then change the cell format to time.
    You can visit the below article to learn more. Thanks!
    Calculate Difference Between Two Times

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