How to Insert Calendar in Excel Cell (2 Quick Methods)

Inserting a calendar into an Excel cell allows you to easily track dates and schedule events. Because in some cases, it’s got bothering to insert dates manually every time. But if we have a calendar in our sheet, we can easily track dates and insert dates. There are several ways of inserting a calendar that will help you with selecting a date. Today in this article, I am sharing with you how to insert a calendar in Excel cell.

Here, you will find an overview of how to insert calendar in Excel cell.

Overview of how to insert calendar in Excel cell

How to Insert Calendar in Excel Cell: 2 Quick Methods

Suppose, we have a dataset of a company’s different projects. Now we will fill in those projects’ Meeting Date inserting calendar in Excel cell.

Sample dataset for inserting calendar in Excel cell

1. Utilizing Add-ins Feature

In order to insert a calendar in Excel cell, there is no other better way than utilizing the Add-ins option. To do so,

  • First, visit the Developer tab and choose the Add-ins option.

Clicking Add-ins from the Developer tab

  • From the new Office Add-ins window, search with Datepicker in the search box.
  • Then select Mini Calendar and Date Picker and press Add.

Choosing Mini Calendar and Date Picker and clicking Add

  • As a result, the calendar will be added to the worksheet.

Result with inserting calendar add-ins in Excel worksheet

  • Now it’s time to insert date in every cell. For that, select a cell (C5) and choose your desired date from the add-ins.
  • As a result, the cell will be filled with the chosen date.

Inserting date inside an Excel cell utilizing the add-ins

  • Similarly, we will insert the date for the other cells with the calendar add-ins.

Final result with inserting calendar in Excel cell

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2. Using More Control Tool from Developer Tab

With proper utilization of tools from the Developer tab you can insert a calendar in Excel cell. Without moving here and there, let’s learn this trick right now.

First, you need to check if Microsoft Date Picker is available in your storage or not. If not then you can download the Microsoft Date Picker. After downloading extract the downloaded file.

  • From the files, copy the .ocx formatted file.

Copying the  .ocx formatted file from the extracted folder

  • Now, move to This PC and provide the below folder path in the Path location.

Applying provided path in This PC location

  • Visiting the provided folder path, paste the file.

Pasting the file in Windows System32 folder

  • Now, search with Command Prompt on your PC.
  • Without opening the app click Run as administrator.
  • Finally, put the below path inside the command and hit Enter to get your Microsoft Date Picker.
C:\Windows\System32\regsvr32.exe mscomct2.ocx

Opening Command Prompt app as administrator

Note: The Microsoft Date Picker control is compatible with 32-bit versions of Excel. However, it is not supported on Excel 64-bit.

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How to Insert Calendar Template in Excel

Sometimes you might need the whole calendar in your spreadsheet. For that, you can insert a calendar template directly.

  • Simply, click the File tab from the top left corner of your spreadsheet.

Choosing File tab from the worksheet to insert calendar template

  • Then, from the New tab, search with Calendar and choose any calendar template of your choice.

Choosing Calendar template from the New tab

  • Now, click the Create option to get the chosen calendar template.

Clicking the Create option to insert calendar template

  • In summary, we have successfully inserted calendar template in Excel. Simple isn’t it?

Final result with inserting calendar template in Excel

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Things to Remember

  • While inserting date make sure that the date format in the calendar matches the format used in your Excel worksheet to avoid conflicts and display issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I customize the appearance of the calendar in Excel?

Yes, you can customize the appearance of the calendar from the Properties feature to match your preferences.

2. Can I limit the date range available in the calendar for selection?

Yes, you can restrict the date range for the calendar by setting the MinDate and MaxDate properties.

3. Is the “Date Picker” option available in all Excel versions?

The “Date Picker” option, based on ActiveX controls, is available in some versions of Excel, such as Excel 2010, 2013, and 2016. However, in later versions, Microsoft has transitioned to other control types, like the “Date” data type or “Data Validation” dropdowns with date options.

Download Practice Workbook


In conclusion, integrating a calendar into an Excel cell is a valuable tool for efficient date management. With this simple addition, you can keep track of events and deadlines with ease. Take a tour of the practice workbook and download the file to practice by yourself. Please inform us in the comment section about your experience. Stay tuned and keep learning.

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