How to Use Date Picker in Excel 64-Bit (with an Alternative)

Step 1 – Adding a Suitable Date Picker Add-in from the Microsoft Store

  • Go to the Insert tab and click on the Get Add-ins command to navigate to the Office Add-ins popup.

inserting new add-in

  • In the search box, type “date picker” and click on the icon to search for related results.
  • The Mini Calendar and Date Picker add-in will be at the top of the list if you sort the results by popularity. This add-in is developed by VERTEX42.COM.

Before starting to add and use it, note two things:

  • This add-in can read and make changes to your document.
  • It can send data over the internet.

If you are okay with these, then proceed to the next steps.

  • Press Add.

search for date picker add-in in microsoft store

  • You will get a window to agree to the provider’s license terms and privacy policy.
  • Check the links if you want and click on Continue.

  • You will get the Date Picker in the current worksheet. It will look like the following image.

Excel Date Picker for 64 bit

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Step 2 – Using the Date Picker

Case 1 – Adding Schedule Dates with the Date Picker

Let’s make a final exam routine for a school. The Subjects are listed in the left column, and we will insert exam dates in the right column using the Date Picker.

  • Click on a cell in the Date column (we have selected Cell C5).
  • Using the right or left arrows in the Date Picker, find the correct year and month (January 2023 in our case).
  • Click on the date you want to schedule the exam.

Adding Schedule Dates with Date Picker

  • Repeat to add all the scheduled dates from the picker. Your Routine will look something like the following image.

Case 2 – Changing the Position of the Date Picker

  • Click on the Date Picker.
  • Hover your mouse to the borderline, and you will see a thick cross arrow appears. This is a dragging tool.

Changing Position of the Date Picker

  • Drag the Date-Picker to the desired position.

Case 3 – Formatting the Date Picker

If you look down the Date Picker window, a list of command icons will be visible:

  • The first icon toggles calendar size.

toggle calendar size

  • The second icon changes the calendar theme. There are 5 built-in themes.

change the calendar theme

  • The third command sets the calendar system.

  • The fourth command shows a serial number for each of the weeks throughout the year in the calendar.

  • To show or hide these commands, use the cog icon.

Case 4 – Deleting the Date Picker Window

  • Click on the Date Picker, and a left arrow will be visible in the top right corner.
  • Click on the arrow and select Delete from the list of commands.

Deleting the Date Picker Window


Deleting the Date Picker will not delete dates generated by it.

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An Alternative to the Date Picker: Use a Calendar Template from Microsoft Excel

If you have a 64-bit version and don’t want to use any third-party add-ins for security concerns, then you can use a built-in calendar of MS Excel as an alternative.


  • Open Excel and click on New.
  • In the search box, type calendar and click the icon.
  • Select a calendar format. We have selected the Any Year Calendar.

An Alternative to Date Picker: Use Calendar Template of Microsoft Excel

  • Press the Create button.

  • A calendar with months in separate worksheets will appear. We have applied some formatting to make the calendar look like the image below.
  • You can type the desired year in Cell K5 and select week start from the drop-down in Cell K6.
  • You can add comments or work schedules in the cell right below the date cells, i.e. B6:H6, B8:H8, etc.

An Alternative to Date Picker: Use Calendar Template of Microsoft Excel

Download the Practice Workbook

Here is a practice workbook you can download to follow along.

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