How to Find a Named Range in Excel (4 Easy Ways)

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For various Excel objectives, we occasionally change the names of cells and ranges to suit our needs. Finding and navigating to a specific named range might be challenging when working with a big dataset with lots of named ranges. In this article, we’ll go over four quick and simple ways to find a named range in Excel effectively with appropriate illustrations.

Introduction of How to Find a Named Range in Excel

Introduction to Excel Named Range

A named range is just a human-readable name for a range of cells in Microsoft Excel. The benefit of using named ranges in your calculations is that you may utilize meaningful names without worrying about cell references. Use a named range the same way you would a cell reference once you have one.

 How to Find a Named Range in Excel: 4 Suitable Ways

In this tutorial, we’ll go through four useful techniques for finding a named range in Excel. The dataset listed below will be used for this. I’m using several named ranges such as:

  • B4 =Employee
  • C5:C12 = Gender
  • D5:D12 = Height
  • ‘Go To’!E5:E12= Weight 2
  • ‘Name Box ‘!G4:G12= “F”

Sample Data set

1. Use Keyboard Shortcuts

In this section, we will apply the keyboard shortcuts to find a named range in Excel. This is an easy and time-saving task as well. Let’s follow the instructions below to learn!


  • After completing the dataset, first, select a cell. We selected L6. After that, press the F3 key on your keyboard. A dialogue box will appear before you like the following image.

pop-up box after pressing F3

  • Now, Click on the Paste List. You may see the sheet name and cell number in the figure below. It indicates the cell of the following Name Range

Location of the Named range

2. Perform Go To Feature to Find a Named Range

We will use the Go To feature in this section of the article to locate a named range in Excel. We will find “Employee2” by using the Go To feature. Let’s learn by doing the steps listed below!


  • To perform this feature, first, from the Home tab select Home >> Find & Select >> Go To.

Selecting Go To Function


  • Afterward, select Employee2 from the pop-up window.

Pop-up window after selecting Go To function

  • As a result, the named range can be found on the datasheet as shown in the accompanying image.

Found the range of Employee 2

You can also use F5 or Ctrl+G keyboard shortcut to open the Go To dialogue box.

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3. Use Name Box Control to Find a Named Range

In this part, we’ll use Excel’s Name Box to find a named range in Excel. Using the Name Box tool, we will find as the named range. This is a quick and simple task as well. Let’s learn by following the guidelines below!

  • First of all, select the Name Box drop-down list.

selecting the Name Box drop-down list

  • After that, Select F from the list.

selecting "F" from the Name Box drop-down list

  • Eventually, you’ll see the column containing “City” shown in the picture below.

The range of the "F"

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4. Utilize Name Manager Tool to Find a Named Range

Last but not least, The Name Manager tool for finding a named range in Excel will be used in this section. We will identify as the named range by using the Name Manager tool. Additionally, this task is simple and quick. To learn, let’s stick to the guidelines below.


  • First, click on the Formulas tab and go to, Formulas >> Name Manager
  • Subsequently, select “A” from the dialogue box. Then select the Upward Arrow button from the box.

Utilize Name Manager Tool to Find a Named Range

  • Finally, it will show the range of the “A”

The range of "A"

How to Delete a Named Range in Excel

For deleting a named range.

  • First, go to the Formulas tab, then Formulas tab >> Name Manager
  • Afterward, select the name from the dialogue box which you want to delete.
  • Thus, press the Delete The name will be deleted.

Deleting a Name range in Excel

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Download Practice Workbook

Download this practice workbook to exercise while you are reading this article.


We appreciate your reading thus far. I hope this essay was helpful to you. You are now aware of four quick techniques to find a named range in Excel. If you have any additional questions, kindly contact us. You are also welcome to provide suggestions in the comment box below.

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