How to Edit Named Range in Excel

Today we are going to discuss how to edit named range in Excel. Named range is a very interesting feature in Excel. In this article, we will first discuss how to define a named range first. Then we’ll explain how to edit the named range in Excel.

Let’s say, we have a dataset consisting of sales dates, names of some random salespersons, and sales of the first week of November.

Data Set for edit Named Range

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What is Named Range?

Named range refers to naming several cells in Excel instead of calling them through their range. It can be a whole column or whole row or specific cells. After defining the named range, we can perform any operation of those cells only by calling the name of the named range. For any kind of reference, we can call them by their name.

Additionally, a named range does not change when a formula is copied to other cells. It provides an alternative to using absolute cell references in formulas.

How to Define Named Range?

There are multiple ways to define a named range in Excel. We will show only one way to define a named range for our further discussion.

Step 1:

  • Select the cells that we want to make a named range.
  • Here we select a range from D5 to D8.

Select cells to define name rangeStep 2:

  • Go to the main tabs
  • Then select the Formulas
  • From the Defined Names group of commands, select the drop-down Define Name.
  • From the drop-down, select the command Define Name.

Process to define name rangeStep 3:

  • Then we will get a Pop-Up of New Name.
  • Set a name in the Name section.
  • We can also see our selected range from the Refers to
  • Then press OK.

Set name in the name rangeStep 4:

  • Finally, our selected range will be named as we have defined.
  • To check again select the range containing the sales data in Column D.
  • We will see the name marked in the Name Box on the following image.

Checking name range

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Edit Named Range in Excel

In the last section, we’ve discussed the named range and how to define it. Now we are going to explain how to edit the named range in Excel. Editing a named range can be required sometimes because we may need to change the name or the range as our data expands.

We can edit the named range with the Name Manager command. The procedure is described below:

Step 1:

  • Go to the main tabs situated at the top bar of your Excel sheet.
  • Select Formulas
  • Now, go to Name Manager from the Defined Names group of commands.

Process to edit name rangeStep 2:

  • When we click Name Manager we will get a Pop-Up.
  • The Name Manager dialog box includes the options like to create, edit or delete marked on the following image.
  • Our selected range is also marked here.
  • Let’s say we want to edit the named range called Date, so we have to select Date from the Name column and click on edit.

Edit option in name manager

Step 3:

  • When we click on the Edit option, a new dialog box called Edit Name will appear.
  • Now we can change the Named Range from the Name
  • We can also change the range from Refers to
  • Click on OK after the required modification.

Edit Named Range

Step 4:

  • The Name Manager window will show the preview.
  • Press close on that window.

Edit Named Range

Step 5:

  • Finally, we will get the result.
  • Here we can see that the named range changed from Date to Date_N.

Edit Named Range

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Here we discussed named range, how to define named range and how to edit named range. We can define named range in multiple ways, but we can edit named range in Excel only by Name manager. Here we explained all the steps in detail so that the users can also do rather than only edit.

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