Stellar Repair for Excel Software Review

Stellar Repair for Excel Review: At a Glance

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Here are the key features of Stellar Repair for Excel application:

  • This software recovers everything from your corrupted Excel files. Not only data but also recovers charts, tables, images, formulas, filters, comments in the cells, etc.
  • It restores the properties that you have done with your worksheets. For example, freeze panes, gridlines, splitting cells, etc. It also preserves the formatting of the cells.
  • You can repair one file or more than one corrupted Excel file at a time with this app.
  • It supports all the Excel versions: 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019.

If you want to test the software free or buy, please visit this link.

No doubt Excel is one of the most used software in the world. There was a joke in the nineties: on a PC you will get five most used apps: Word, Excel, Word, Excel, and Outlook. All were Microsoft Office Products. Things have changed a lot after that. But still, Excel is one of the most important tools in finance, banking, office management, small business running, etc.

Data stored in Excel or analysis done in Excel are very important for companies. So, Excel and its data are very important for business people.

As an Excel blogger and owner of a small business, my day starts with my own time tracker. I was looking for the best time tracker software. I searched a lot on Google and tested them one by one. But no app could fulfill my requirements.

So, I made my own time tracker in Excel. It perfectly tracks my every minute in the office. Now I know how much time I am wasting while I am at the office.

I have made another worksheet that tracks my stock portfolio. I just press a button and I know how much I have gained or lost today.

You can do almost anything in Excel. Microsoft claims there are around 1.2 billion people who use their Office App and 750 million use Excel worldwide.

Many businesses save plenty of data in Excel files. Those data are very important for businesses. If the Excel files corrupt or go out of the users’ control, it might cause a big loss for the business.

Today I will show you Stellar Repair for Excel, a piece of software, that can save your ass when your Excel files don’t talk to you.

There is a lot of software you will find online (and most of them are free) but this one is really different and can do a lot for you.

I was not aware of this awesome and easy-to-use software piece. Senior Business Executive, Priyanka of Stellar Info (they mainly make data recovery software), emailed and offered to test this app.

I had some corrupted files that I was not able to recover though I have tried most of the ways available. Stellar Repair of Excel did recover not only the data of the file but also the formatting. This is the specialty of this software.

How to Use Stellar Repair for Excel?

Step 1:

This tool can handle multiple corrupted Excel files at a time and recover them one by one. Even this program can search and identify the corrupted Excel files from a folder.

In the following picture, you’ll see the “Select File” dialog box. The box has two options to select files: Browse, and Search.

Stellar Repair for Excel Tool

Step 2:

When you add the corrupted files to the program for recovery, the files are displayed as a list like the image below. To start the recovery process, you will just click on the Repair button.

Step 3:

After repairing, the program will list all the files in the following way. Your job is to click on a file, check it out, and then save it in your deserved location.

Step 4:

In the preview window, you can edit the file if you need any changes with the repaired data. This feature has been added newly in recent versions.

Step 5:

When the recovery process is running, you can see a lot of details about the files in the program’s Log Report window. Here you will get a lot of information about the file like the file size, location, and the status of the recovery. The time and date of the repair process are also shown in the Log Report area.

Step 6:

You can save the log on your PC for use later. This log can be useful when you need to know where the file recovery process went wrong.

To save the log, just go to the Tools tab -> then click on the Save Log command.

To clear the log, click on the Clear Log command.


To me, Stellar Repair for Excel is a simple-to-use but very powerful Excel file-repairing tool. Your Excel file can get corrupted anytime by viruses or any other way. This program can repair those corrupted files and keep you relaxed.

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