How to Subtract a Percentage in Excel (3 Quick Ways)


Method 1 – Using Direct Formula to Subtract Percentage Values in Excel

Consider the Percentage of Total and Spent Amount dataset shown in the B4:C13 cells. It contains the Total Amount and the Spent Amount in percentages while we want to obtain the Left Amount in percentages.

subtract a percentage in excel


  • Go to the D5 cell and enter the provided formula:


Here, the B5 and C5 cells refer to the Total and Spent Amounts respectively.

Subtracting Percentage Value

  • Use the Fill Handle Tool to copy the formula into the cells below.

Using Fill Handle Tool

  • The results should look like the image given below.

subtract a percentage value in excel

Method 2 – Using Excel Formula to Subtract a Percentage from a Value

Consider the Price List of Cellphones dataset shown in the B4:D13 cells, showing the Cellphone model, Actual Price, and the Price Decrease in percentage. We want to calculate the Updated Price of the cell phones considering the price cut.

Subtracting Percentage from Price

2.1 Conventional Way


  • Select E5 and insert the following expression:


In this expression, the C5 and D5 cells represent the Actual Price and the Price Decrease respectively.

Conventional Way

  • Copy the same formula to other cells and your output should look like the picture shown below.

Results with Conventional Way

2.2 Advanced Method


  • Type in the equation given below into E5:


In the above equation, the C5 and D5 cells point to the Actual Price and Price Decrease respectively.

Advanced Method

  • Apply the same formula to the cells below by dragging the Fill Handle, and the output should look like the screenshot below.

Results with Advanced Method

Method 3 – Using Excel Formula to Subtract a Fixed Percentage from a Value (30%, 10%)

Consider that a single cell contains the percentage cut that needs to be used.


  • To begin with, proceed to the D5 cell and type in the expression into the Formula Bar.


In this case, the C5 cell indicates the Actual Price of the cell phone in USD while the C15 cell refers to the Discount in percentage.

Note: Please make sure to use Absolute Cell Reference by pressing the F4 key on your keyboard if you’re clicking on the cells.

Subtracting a Fixed Percentage

  • Drag the Fill Handle from D5 down, and the results should look like the image given below.

Subtracting a Fixed Percentage

  • If we change the Discount rate to 10% the results should change automatically.

10% Discount Rate

Method 4 – Using Paste Special Method to Subtract a Percentage from a Column in Excel


  • Go to the C16 cell and insert this formula:


In this instance, the C15 cell points to the 15% Discount.

How to Subtract a Percentage from a Column in Excel

Now, this calculates the Remaining Percentage value of 85%.

  • Select all the values you need to use (i.e. the C column).
  • Press Ctrl + C.
  • Select D5 and press Ctrl + V keys to paste the values into the Updated Price column.

Using CTRL + C to Copy

  • Select C16 and press Ctrl + C.
  • Select the D5:D13 cells.
  • Press the Ctrl + Alt + V keys on your keyboard.

Using Paste Special

The Paste Special window should appear.

  • Select the Values and Multiply options >> click the OK button.

Choosing Paste Special option

  • The Updated Prices column should look like the image shown below.

subtract a percentage from a column in excel

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