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My name’s Shakil. My articles are targeted to support you in enriching knowledge regarding different features related to Microsoft Excel. I am fond of literature, hope some knowledge from them will help me providing you some engaging articles even though some weary technical terms.

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The article will show you how to autocomplete from list in Excel. Every time we do a monotonous task, we may wish we could have done things differently. Excel ...

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Depending on the circumstances you may need to select multiple values within a drop-down list. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to make multiple ...

How to Perform Automatic Date Change in Excel Using Formula (5 Useful Methods)

Today we are going to show some automatic date change formulas in Excel, in other words, how to change dates automatically through formulas in Excel.  In many ...

How to Extract Data From Table Based on Multiple Criteria in Excel

Extracting the data at the time of necessity is the prime factor of using any spreadsheet, and Excel is not an exception. You store data in tabular form in ...

How to Generate List Based on Criteria in Excel (5 Methods)

In this article, we will discuss methods to generate a list based on criteria in Excel. This will allow users to get the list of data from a dataset according ...

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  1. Bob, PivotTable is one of the prime features of Excel, so regardless of the version (contemporary versions) you should get it inside the “Insert” tab of the ribbon. But if you don’t find that there you may need to customize your ribbon. Click on File > Options, then follow the image pivottable to ribbon

    And if counting unique is your main goal right now you might get that using the UNIQUE function (and COUNT family function for counting).

  2. Thanks for commenting Merle, glad to hear that it helped you.

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