Excel Formula to Add Percentage Markup (3 Suitable Examples)

Here’s an overview of using an Excel formula to add Markup %.

Examples of Excel formula to add markup percentage in different ways.

Basic Formula to Add a Percentage Markup in Excel

Markup is the difference between the Selling Price and the Wholesale or Production Cost of a product.

You will get the Markup % by dividing the (Selling PriceUnit Cost) by the Cost Price, multiplied by 100.

Basic markup % formula

An Example to Add Percentage Markup to Cost Price:

The wholesale price (Cost Price) of a product is $25. The goal is to have a 40% Markup to the wholesale price of the product. What is the required selling price?

Selling Price = Wholesale Price x (1+Markup %) = $25 x (1 + 40%) = $25 x 1.40

Excel Formula to Add Percentage Markup – 3 Examples

We have a list of products and want to add different Markup % to those products. Every product has a Wholesale Cost. We’ll calculate the Selling Prices of these products for different Markup Percentages (10%, 15%, 20%, 25%).

Sample Data with wholesale prices and markup %

Example 1 – Use a Customized Excel Formula to Add a Markup


  • In cell D7, use the following Excel formula:

Using a Customized Excel Formula to Add 10, 15, 20, or 25% Markup

Quick Notes:

  • The formula has mixed cell references. Column C and Row 6 are made of absolute references.
  • When we go down or up, row references change. When we go left or right, column references change.
  • When filling to the right, $C will not change to keep the wholesale cost reference intact.
  • When copying the formula down, the row references $6 will not change to get the correct Markup % reference.
  • Pull the Fill Handle icon to the right and then down.

copying a formula with fill handle tool

Example 2 – Apply the Excel SUM Function to Add a Percentage Markup


  • Put the formula below in Cell D7.

Formula based on SUM function to add percentage markup

  • Drag the Fill Handle icon right, then down.

Example 3 – Use the PRODUCT Function

The PRODUCT function multiplies all numbers given as arguments.


  • Go to Cell D7 and paste the following formula.

Get markup % applying PRODUCT function

  • Pull the Fill Handle icon to reach G12.

Download the Practice Workbook

You can use the downloaded file as a calculator.

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