How to Make a 100 Percent Stacked Bar Chart in Excel

This article illustrates how to make a 100 % stacked bar chart in Excel. You can present the data in a data series as percentages using the 100% stacked bar chart. For example, assume a data series contains the numbers 20, 40, 60, and 80. They make a total of 200. Now, the contribution of the numbers to the total is 10%, 20%, 30%, and 40% respectively. A 100 % stacked bar chart will show these percentages and not the actual values. Therefore, it always adds up to 100% hence the name.

What Is a Stacked Bar Chart?

So, what is a stacked bar chart? A stacked bar chart is a graph to represent and compare the segments of a whole. It can show the parts of a whole data series. A stacked bar chart usually has several bars and each of them is divided into multiple segments. Each bar represents a different data series and each part or segment of a bar represents a particular category within that data series. A stacked bar chart is used to show a larger variable divided into smaller categories and then compare the categories across different variables. In the case of a 100 % stacked bar chart, each bar makes up a total of 100%.

100% stacked bar chart in excel

Step 1: Organizing Data Properly in Excel

  • Assume that you have the following dataset. The dataset contains the monthly sales of 3 different stores. You can make a 100% stacked bar chart to show and compare the contributions of the stores to the total sales.

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Step 2: Inserting 100% Stacked Bar Chart in Excel

  • Now select Insert >> Insert Column or Bar Chart >> 2-D Bar >> 100% Stacked Bar. Alternatively, you can select the 3-D 100% Stacked Bar from 3-D Bar.

Insert 100% stacked bar chart in excel

  • After that, the following 100% stacked bar chart will be inserted.

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Step 3: Editing Chart Title

  • Now click on the chart title and enter a title as required.

Step 4: Picking a Suitable Chart Style

  • Next, you can choose a style for the bar chart from the Chart Design tab. You just need to click on the chart to be able to access it.

Step 5: Formatting Chart Axes

  • After that, click on the chart axes to apply text formatting to make the chart more presentable.

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Step 6: Changing Bar Colors

  • Then, click on any particular data series on the bar chart. Next, right-click and choose the desired fill color.

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Step 7: Adding Data Labels

  • Note that the 100% stacked bar chart doesn’t show the actual value. Rather it represents their percentages. Now, to show the actual value on the bar chart, check the Data Labels checkbox from the Chart Elements.

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Step 8: Finalizing 100% Stacked Bar Chart in Excel

  • After that, you can customize the bar chart further if needed by following the steps above. Finally, you will get the following result.

100% stacked bar chart in excel

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Things to Remember

  • You must select the chart to be able to customize it.
  • It is easy to compare the first series using this chart but difficult for other data series.

Download Practice Workbook

You can download the following practice workbook from the download button below.


Now you know how to make a 100 % stacked bar chart in Excel. Do you have any further queries or suggestions? Please let us know in the comment section below. Stay with us and keep learning.

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