How to Make a Double Bar Graph in Excel: 2 Methods

Method 1 – Insertion of Chart Using Dataset to Make a Double Bar Graph

We need to make the double bar graph of the following dataset.

how to make a double bar graph in excel

Select the whole dataset depending on which parts need to be included in the bar.
Go to the Insert tab > and choose Insert Column or Bar Chart from the Charts group.

how to make a double bar graph in excel

Select the option 2-D Clustered Column shown in the picture below.

how to make a double bar graph in excel

Get the double bar graph as output like this.
The orange color legend is Temp in New York ( deg C) and the blue color legend is Temp In London ( deg C).

how to make a double bar graph in excel

Change the chart title according to the requirement. There is a Temperature Difference between London and New York.

how to make a double bar graph in excel

Method 2 – Switch Row/Column

We can also change the double bar column to show the two different temperature data differently but not stuck together. We need to apply that in the following dataset.

Switching row/column

Select the chart > click on the Chart Design tab > choose the option Switch Row/Column.

Switching row/column

Get the double bar chart like this. Temp in London ( deg C) and Temp in Newyork ( deg C) are shown differently.
Legends are mainly the month’s name.

Switching row/column

Things to Remember

When we need to compare data within the same type we need to switch row/column. Here, by switching row/column we have mainly made a bar graph where temperatures in different months in London or New York are compared individually.

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