How to Install Data Analysis in Excel

Microsoft Excel is used for different sorts of data analysis very widely. If we want to develop a complex statistical or engineering analysis, it will take time and labor. But we can eradicate the problems by using the Data Analysis option in Excel. But we can’t use the function naturally. We have to install it first. In this article, we will show the way to install data analysis in Excel.

What Is Data Analysis Toolpak?

Data Analysis Toolpak is an Add-Ins in Excel which is essential to enable Data Analysis. So by installing Data Analysis Toolpak we can use the Data Analysis option which is very helpful in solving complicated problems.

Use of Data Analysis in Excel

We can do various complex calculations by using Data Analysis in Excel. We can easily find Histogram, Correlation, Covariance, Exponential Smoothing, and a lot more with the help of Data Analysis.

Steps to Install Data Analysis in Excel

Step 1: We have to open one Excel sheet first. Then we need to select the File tab from the ribbon.

how to install data analysis in excel

Step 2: After opening the File tab, we need to select Options from the list.

Step 3: We will see an Excel Options window pop up. We have to select Add-Ins from the list.

install data analysis in excel

Step 4: We will see the list come up. We need to select Analysis Toolpak and then press Go.

steps to install data analysis

Step 5: We will see an Add-Ins window. We need to select Analysis Toolpak then OK.

add data analysis in excel

You will get the Data Analysis option.

Hurrah! We have installed Data Analysis.

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Verifying If Data Analysis Is Installed Correctly

Step 1: We have to go to the Data tab in the ribbon and then select Data Analysis from the ribbon.

data analysis in excel

Step 2: We will see a Data Analysis window where different Analysis Tools are present.

install data analysis

Now we are sure about the installation of Data Analysis.

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How to Install Data Analysis in macOS

The steps to install Data Analysis Toolpak in macOS are slightly different from those in Windows. We will show the steps to install Data Analysis Toolpak in macOS.

Step 1: First we need to select the Tools menu and then click Add-Ins.

install data analysis in macos

Step 2: Add-Ins available box will appear. We need to select Analysis Toolpak from the list and click OK.

Step 3: If the Add-Ins available box doesn’t appear, we need to click browse to locate it.

Step 4: If we get a prompt that the Analysis Toolpak is not present on your device, we have to click on the option Yes to install the Analysis Toolpak.

Step 5: Now we have to exit and restart (reopen) Excel and we will see the Data Analysis command in the Data tab.

install data analysis in mac

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How to Install Data Analysis in Excel Online

In the online version of Excel, it’s unfortunate that there’s no Data Analysis Toolkit present. We can’t install Data Analysis Toolpak in the online version of Excel.


Data Analysis is a very efficient option for solving complex problems in Excel. But it’s not given by default, we need to install the Data Analysis Toolkit for that. In this article, we have shown the method to install Data Analysis in Excel. Hope it will be helpful to you. If you face any problem following the steps or you have any suggestions, please let us know by comment.

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