How to Generate 2D Barcode in Excel (with Easy Steps)

Microsoft Excel can help your business’s inventory management and barcode management procedures by acting as a barcode formulator and converting characters into barcodes. With the help of this detailed tutorial, you will see how to generate 2D barcodes in Excel.

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Types of Barcodes

  • Code 128: The supply chain and shipping labels use this code frequently. The same set of characters as in Code 39 can be encoded (though uppercase and lowercase letters can appear differently).
  • UPC/EAN: Because it’s used for product barcodes, this is the barcode that most people are familiar with. EAN is for European Article Numbering, while UPC stands for Universal Product Code. The barcode, which can only include 12 characters, is also known as UPC-A.
  • I2of5: This two-row barcode is used to label various boxes and rolls of 35mm film. It also goes by the names industrial 2 of 5 or interleaved 2 of 5. It encodes characters that number.
  • UPC-E: This is a UPC barcode type that eliminates several characters, like leading zeros, to keep the code to six digits.
  • QR: When scanned with a mobile phone camera, this 2D barcode can be used to launch a website or app. For mobile payments, for offering discounts, or for printing tickets, we use this type of code. The barcode may encode kanji, binary, and alphanumeric data. Known as a quick response, QR.
  • Postnet: Previously utilized by the U.S. Postal Service
  • Intelligent Mail: The U.S. Postal Service currently uses a barcode that can encode up to 65 characters. The height and vertical location of the bars and spaces, in addition to their width, can convey information. Intelligent Mail encodes the numbers.

Step-by-Step Procedures to Generate 2D Barcode in Excel

Here, we will demonstrate step-by-step procedures of how to generate 2D barcodes in Excel by utilizing Get Add-ins to add 2D barcodes in Excel.

Step 1:Creating Data Set

  • Firstly, we will create our data set with some numbers.
  • Then, we want to generate a 2D barcode for each of the numbers.

Step-by-Step Procedures to Generate 2D Barcode in Exce

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Step 2: Utilizing the Get Add-ins Command

  • Here, we will add a 2D barcode in our Excel Add-ins.
  • Firstly, go to the Insert tab.
  • Secondly, click on the Get Add-ins command from the Add-ins group.

Utilizing the Get Add-ins Command to Generate 2D Barcode in Excel

  • Then, this Office Add-ins window will open.
  • Firstly type QR in the search box.
  • Secondly, select the QR4Office and click on Add.

Utilizing the Get Add-ins Command to Generate 2D Barcode in Excel

  • After that, click on continue and you will find it in your My Add-ins command from the Insert tab.

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Step 3: Generating 2D Barcode

  • Here, go to the Insert tab first.
  • Then, click on the My Add-ins command from the Add-ins group.

  • Therefore, double-click on this.
  • Then it will open in your Excel worksheet.

  • So, this QR4Office will open here.
  • Then, you have to generate a barcode with respect to your URL or text.
  • Here, we will choose custom as we have a data set with a number and text but you can choose your respective criteria.

  • Here, copy the B5 cell number and then paste it on the right side of the corner.
  • After that, click Insert.
  • Therefore, continue this step for all the numbers in the list.

  • Finally, you will see all the 2D barcodes for their respective number below the image here.

Generating 2D Barcode in Excel

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In this article, we’ve covered step-by-step procedures to generate 2D barcode in Excel. We sincerely hope you enjoyed and learned a lot from this article. Additionally, if you want to read more articles on Excel, you may visit our website, Exceldemy. If you have any questions, comments, or recommendations, kindly leave them in the comment section below.

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