[Fix:] Hyperlink to Website Not Working in Excel

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Hyperlinks in an Excel file can relate to the location of a file on the computer or a place inside the same worksheet. Furthermore, hyperlinks might lead to a website. Sometimes, we post a huge number of websites in an Excel sheet and it did not turn into hyperlinks or the hyperlinks that we already created may not work properly. In this blog post, we will discuss the causes and see several methods to solve the Excel hyperlink to website not working issue. For your better understanding, we will use a sample dataset here.

excel hyperlink to website not working

Issues & Solutions to Hyperlink to Website Not Working in Excel

Hyperlinks to a website may not work for several reasons. Some common issues that may cause the problem can be

  1. Broken Link – The link may no longer be inserted
  2. Naming Problem – Naming the website wrongly can cause the issue
  3. Excel Driver Issue – Several Web options  prevent making a workable link

We will discuss the issues more elaborately and provide solutions.

Reasons for Hyperlink to Website Not Working in Excel

Reason 1: If our website link is corrupted or unintentionally another letter, character, or anything else is inserted or removed in the web address then it might not work.

Reason 2: Sometimes we need to update our hyperlinks regularly and sometimes we don’t want our hyperlinks to be updated automatically. That is one of the most common reasons for hyperlinks not working.

Solution 1: Using Hyperlink Function to Re-link

So, we have a list of websites but these are not in hyperlink form. Now, we will convert these website links into working hyperlinks using the the HYPERLINK function.


  • First, type the following formula in cell D5.

  • Now, press the ENTER key.

excel hyperlink to website not working

  • Finally, drag down to AutoFill rest of the series.

excel hyperlink to website not working fix by hyperlink function

This method can be handy to solve hyperlinks to website issues in Excel.

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Solution 2: Fixing Improper Website Name

Improper website names can be a reason for hyperlinks not working. In this case, we have to fix the web addresses and update the hyperlink.

As you can see in the image below, some of the web addresses are not correct.


  • WWW and .com are missing from those websites. Now, type https://www. or www. before amazon.com.

  • Now, press the ENTER key, and we will see the hyperlink is activated and working.

excel hyperlink to website not working solution

  • In the same way, correct the address for m.facebook.co to m.facebook.com and click on cell C10, and press F2. But still, the hyperlink is not activated.

  • If these types of problems occur simply add https: before the web address.

That’s all.

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Solution 3: Handling Web Option to Resolve Hyperlink to Website Not Working

In Excel, there is an option to automatically update Hyperlinks whenever we save the workbook. And if the hyperlinks are changed every time the workbook is saved, the hyperlink in Excel would stop working. So, to get Excel Hyperlinks to function, simply follow the steps below.


  • First, click on the File and click Options as shown in the image below.

excel hyperlink to website not working solve by web option

  • After that, a dialogue box will pop up, and select Advanced, scroll down to General and click Web Options.

  • As a result, another dialogue box will pop up and go to Files and Uncheck Update links on save.

excel hyperlink to website not working solve by web option

Sometimes, unintentional use of function and sudden shutdown may cause problems with website hyperlinks. This method is helpful to avoid this problem.

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That’s all for the article. These are 3 different solutions to Excel hyperlink to website not working. Based on your preferences, you may choose the best alternative. Please leave them in the comments area if you have any questions or feedback.

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