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Excel VBA: Import Comma Delimited Text File (2 Cases)

Excel offers some cool features to import txt, csv, etc. files in the worksheet. Suppose, we have a sample text file containing Text and commas as delimiters. ...

How to Convert Excel to Text File with Pipe Delimiter (2 Ways)

Microsoft Excel has features to automatically convert Excel files to CSV files or text files. Moreover, we can convert Excel files to a pipe-delimited text ...

How to Split Text by Space with Formula in Excel (5 Ways)

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How to Open Multiple Excel Files in One Workbook (4 Easy Ways)

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How to Rearrange Rows in Excel (4 Ways)

Sometimes, while working in Microsoft Excel we may feel the need to rearrange rows according to our convenience. Suppose, we have a dataset like the image ...

Group Rows with Plus Sign on Top in Excel

Sometimes, when we group rows in Excel, the plus sign that appears as an outline can be confusing to use. We can change this by moving it on top for a better ...

How to Calculate Weighted Ranking in Excel (4 Ways)

Calculating a simple average and a weighted average are two different things. For example, if you take Quizzes and all of them have the same weight, the ...

Random Selection Based on Criteria in Excel (3 Cases)

Suppose we have a list of Name, Profession, Age, and Region. From the list, we want to get random Names but based on specific criteria. How should we do that? ...

How to Calculate Percentage of Month in Excel (4 Easy Ways)

Assume you have a set of dates in a spreadsheet and want to know what percentage of the year or month has passed or remains based on the given date. In this ...

[Fix:] Hyperlink to Website Not Working in Excel

Hyperlinks in an Excel file can relate to the location of a file on the computer or a place inside the same worksheet. Furthermore, hyperlinks might lead to a ...

How to Make Alphabetical List in Excel (3 Ways)

To make your dataset cool and presentable Sorting alphabetically is one of the most used functions in Excel. Throughout this article, we will learn how to make ...

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