How to Space Down in Excel: 3 Methods

Method 1 – Using Shortcut to Space Down in Excel


  • Double-click on Cell C5 and click before the text 1994 as we want to space it down, and press ALT+ENTER.

How to space down in Excel by shortcut

  • The line will move to the next paragraph, press ALT+ENTER pointing the cursor before the word American.

How to space down in Excel by shortcut

  • Press the ENTER key and we get the following result.

  • Adjust the Row Heights, manually or by double-clicking on the row border.

Method 2 – Space Down Using Formula


  • Click on cell F5 and type the following formula.

How to space down in Excel by formula

CHAR(10) denotes a line break. We concatenated the text with a line break to space down within the final result.

  • Press the ENTER key.

  • Go to HOME > Wrap Text.

How to space down in Excel by CHAR function

  • We will get the result as follows.

How to space down in Excel by formula

  • Drag down to AutoFill for the rest of the series.

  • Adjusting row heights our final result will be like the image below.

Method 3 – Space Down in Excel after a Specific Character


  • Select the data range and press CTRL+H. A dialogue box will pop up. In the dialogue box, type a comma (,) in the Find what box and press CTRL+J in the Replace with box.

We are replacing all the commas with a line break.

How to space down in Excel by find and replace

  • After clicking Replace all we will find the output like the following image.

How to space down in Excel by find and replace

  • Adjust row heights and our result will be ready.


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